Website Edition

Choose an issue below to read for free here at this website, or read issues on your Kindle or Nook.  You can also listen to the stories by downloading the Lovecraft eZine podcast.


(There is no October issue this year; I skipped an issue to focus on the new Lovecraft eZine Press.  The next issue will be available in December.  In the meantime, read past issues below, and check out the new eZine book The Sea of Ash!)

Issue #32 – August 2014

Issue #31 – June 2014

Issue #30 – April 2014

Issue #29 – February 2014

Issue #28 – December 2013

Issue #27 – October 2013

Issue #26 – August 2013

Issue #25 – July 2013

Issue #24 – May 2013

Issue #23 – April 2013

Issue #22 – February 2013

Issue #21 – January 2013

Issue #20 – December 2012

Issue #19 – November 2012

Issue #18 – October 2012

Issue #17 – September 2012

Issue #16 – July 2012

Issue #15 – June 2012

Issue #14 – May 2012

Issue #13 – April 2012

Issue #12 – March 2012

Issue #11 – February 2012

Issue #10 – January 2012

Issue #9 – December 2011

Issue #8 – November 2011

Issue #7 – October 2011

Issue #6 – September 2011

Issue #5 – June 2011

Issue #4 – May 2011

Issue #3 – April 2011

Issue #2 – March 2011

Issue #1 – February 2011

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18 responses to “Website Edition

  1. Us Larrys are good promoters it would seem. I’ve been sharing your link to the E-Zine on Facebook. Thanks for putting this Zine together, the stories are really excellent! I am working with Bruce Durham on another unrelated project, and I found the E-Zine through his post. Good luck to you and to the success of the magazine!

  2. Referred here by illustrator/artist Mimulux Patricia and it is well worth the visit. Great ezine! Added to fav’s and shared on FB.

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  6. Needless to say that I love the magazine and want to thank everyone who is putting effort into writing stories, creating illustrations and Mike for compiling all of it and keep the eZine going.

    If I may, I would however like to make a suggestion. I thought it would be really cool to have a Top 10 with the most popular / best rated / most read stories. This should be especially useful for people who are new to the site and want to check out what stories the eZine has to offer but don’t really know where to start.

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