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The Lovecraft GeekWelcome to the The Lovecraft Geek, a podcast by Robert M. Price!

Dr. Price is an editor of Lovecraftian stories, articles/criticism, and introductions, in magazines like the entertaining and essential “Crypt of Cthulhu”, and in many volumes of Lovecraftian fiction.

And now, he’s hosting “The Lovecraft Geek”, a podcast on all things Mythos!

You can download each podcast for listening “on the go”, or you can listen to the podcast right here on this page.

Enjoy!  The podcasts are below the question form.

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Do you have a Lovecraftian question for Dr. Price?  Ask in the form below, and he will answer it in a future podcast!


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Lovecraft and Bible Geek listeners will know that the very brand of literary and biblical scholarship that attracts them to the podcasts has long made it impossible for Dr. Price to find any paying employment in professional academia. He and his family are chronically on the edge financially, without medical insurance, and scarcely able to pay monthly bills. Now their very old house is in urgent need of major repairs. Any help will be vastly appreciated. Even the heavenly- (or horribly-) minded need a roof overhead.

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18 responses to “Robert M. Price podcast

  1. This is awesome. I’ve scoured the internet searching for podcasts who have had Bob as a guest and always found him to a be a marvelous treasure trove of lovecraftian knowledge. I just love to hear Mr.Price’s voice, especially when he’s talking some HPL. Great first episode.

  2. Brilliant!
    I posted a link on Yog-Sothoth and I’m sure it will draw interest.

    I’m a big Bob fan, always have been.

  3. This was a great listen. I’ve liked Mr. Price’s work on the Mythos since I was young but this was the first chance I’d had to listen to him. He was very entertaining, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  4. I’ve been a fan of Dr. Price for years. I started listening to him on Point of Inquiry then found The Bible Geek and The Human Bible now he’s got me interested in HPL.

  5. Great show & keep up the great work as I really enjoy hearing your thoughts on HPL, his friend’s written works & the mythos. Couldn’t agree more with them doing another documentary on HPL going after all the other writers out there who have done quite a lot for the Lovecraft mythos, keep asking the writers you mentioned as there’s more interest in HPL every day.

    Just wanted to add with the one person looking into Derleth’s work from the 3rd episode, there’s plenty of his work out there on Amazon but I found that Derleth’s stuff is best when he’s writing about where he was from so if nothing else track down the tales like ‘Thing that Walked on the Wind’.

    • I’m interested on what you said about Derleth. I’ve read things horribly written by him (some supposed collaboration with HPL), and others much more interesting in The Mask of Cthulhu.

      What do you mean with “when he’s writing about where he was from” ??? When he was not writing mythos?
      I want more tales like the one you named :)

  6. I want to tell you how I am really enjoying your Lovecraft Geek Podcasts, having recently discovered them. In number nine you read my question, and yes, I am the same David Hammann who attended some of your Sunday discussion groups in New Jersey. Thank you for remembering. I also want to make a correction. It is Dr. John Carlson who is the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica specialist at the Center for Archaeolastronomy at the University of Maryland, not Johan Carlson. I must have made a spelling error (or subconsciously I was recreating him into a Call of Cthulhhu character – Dr. Johann Karlson, Vienna’s greatest occult detective!)

    And yes, he was the same scholar who gave the lecture on Mesoamerican influence on Lovecraft at the NecronomiCon last year that you caught the tail end of. That was a shame, because it was the beginning half where he showed the slides of the the Pre-Columbian art and scultures of the monstrous Demon gods.

    Recently he was working with my employer to appraise a large library on Pre-Columbian art and he came into the book shop while I was there and he asked if we had any books by Lovecraft. Well, that set off an interesting discussian on on of my favorite subjects, and when I brought up the NecronomiCon in Providence, which was coming up then, I was bowed over when he told me he was invited to give a lecture there. He doesn’t know where HPL got the idea of an octopus-like head for Cthulhu either, although he gave a guess in his lecture. I think my theory was much more likely.

    I also tried to send in a question about the Sand Dwellers from the Call of Cthulhu game that originally made an appearance in August Derleth’s “The Gable window”, but I wasn’t sure if it was sent correctly. Did you receive it?

    I look forward to any more of these podcasts. I get a real kick of your mixture of extreme silliness and serious academic theory. I hope the series has a long run.


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