S.T. Joshi Recommends ‘The Lovecraft eZine’!

I believe we have officially ARRIVED… because earlier tonight, famed Lovecraftian scholar S.T. Joshi recommended The Lovecraft eZine in a video interview!  And for those of you who don’t know… he’s kinda picky.  So it’s a great honor to see and hear him talk so highly about the ezine.

S.T. Joshi had not heard of The Lovecraft eZine before tonight, so writer and interviewer-extraordinaire  W.H. Pugmire showed it to him.  You can watch the video below — they start talking about The Lovecraft eZine at 8:58 into the video, but the whole interview is worth watching for the latest Lovecraftian news from S.T. Joshi.

Watch the interview below… and when yer done, subscribe to W.H. Pugmire’s Youtube video channel.

6 responses to “S.T. Joshi Recommends ‘The Lovecraft eZine’!

    • It really was a great interview. Lots of new stuff coming up! It’s great that you interview him from time to time — he really does have a lot of fans.

      Thank you, so much, for showing the ezine to Mr. Joshi tonight, Wilum.

  1. Fantastic interview with plenty of excellent recommendations! Since I’m still here in Noo Yawk, I do hope that S.T. will someday host a similar film festival on the East Coast. And while I’m at it — shout-out to S.T., whom I haven’t seen since a bunch of us attended that weird-but-memorable “picnic” on the roof of Frank & Lyda Long’s building in Chelsea! Mike, thanks for posting this, and especially for “reanimating” Lovecraft eZine.

    Squidly salutations,

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