“What if Lovecraft had Lived into the 1960′s?” panel at the 36th World Science Fiction Convention

I stumbled across a post at Will Hart’s website that I think any Lovecraftian would love.  He posts pictures from the “What if Lovecraft had Lived into the 1960′s?” panel at the 36th World Science Fiction Convention (September 3, 1978) as well as mp3 files of this event!  Amazing.

View the pictures here

Listen to the audio files hereI’m releasing the mp3 audio files of this amazing event. And the six files, representing the six sides of the cassettes I used to make the recording, add up to 163 minutes with Professor Dirk W. Mosig, Professor Donald R. Burleson, J. Vernon Shea, Fritz Leiber, Jr., and S.T. Joshi…

Thanks for making these available, Will!

5 responses to ““What if Lovecraft had Lived into the 1960′s?” panel at the 36th World Science Fiction Convention

  1. Too bad Lovecraft didn’t live and write during the ’70’s. I actually gave up reading science fiction and fantasy for a decade because so many authors were writing about nuclear war and the dreary and horrid last days of the few unlucky survivors who were dying of cancer, etc. Talk about depressing literature. Yuck. If you want to talk about bleak hopelessness and nihilism, this was the decade for it. These writers made Lovecraft look like Mary freakin’ Poppins. 🙂


  2. Actually it had its good points and bad points the interesting thing was that the atmosphere was nicer (emotionally) and many of the changes which we now depend on like wheelchair ramps and not hasving people smoke ciggies everyhwhere started then. I dount anyone told whoever to get into the kitchen and make food or at leqast not in my experiece. Of course it might have felt better because I was much younger then too. Thwe whole questioning of who gets licnse to do what started to be questioned then. I giggle agt all that license stuff anyhow. License is where you take it.;)


  3. Ah yes, those good old days, where many of us with respiratory problems were not allowed to participate in many otherwise public events, because we could not breathe the air we own in common, because insensitive idiots were exercising their “right” to foul that air with toxic poisons. Of course, in that liberty loving era, we might not even be able to get into the building, because businesses were “free” to have buildings a wheelchair, or even someone who can’t climb stairs, could not enter. Of course, katyasozaeva, back in that freedom loving age, someone would probably suggested that you find a kitchen, make yourself useful, and bring back a plate of sandwiches.

    Personally, I prefer the freedom and equality that comes from what the American Taliban is calling socialism these days, to the mythical “freedom” of the past, which was really only license for affluent white men.


  4. I found this last week and posted it on facebook. I plan to use some of this in my presentation. I was so delighted to find it!


  5. That is so freakin’ cool! Ah, I was but a wee child back then … and far away from California, but it was nifty to be reminded that people used to be free to do what they wanted for the most part … you remember freedom, right? When people could smoke where they pleased? Ah, those were the good old days …


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