“Lovecraft eZine” story makes it to the final Stoker Awards Ballot

The Drowning Girl, by Caitlin KiernanFirst of all, I want to congratulate Caitlin R. Kiernan for winning the Bram Stoker Award for The Drowning Girl!  She’s an incredible writer, and if you haven’t read her work, you really should.  I’m reading The Red Tree right now, and… wow.  It’s a hell of a Lovecraftian novel.  Threshold is another great one.

Seriously.  If you’re not reading Caitlin Kiernan, you’re missing out.  Visit her Amazon page and get started.

John Palisano‘s story Available Light didn’t win, but as they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.  And let’s face it… some people look down on “digital only” publications.  So it’s a big deal to me that a Lovecraft eZine story was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award… and I know it’s a big deal for John Palisano!

So congratulations, John!

It’s a great story, and you can read it for free here: Available Light.

And by the way, there’s a great new audio version of this story available at Tales to Terrify.  As John writes on his blog:

This is truly exciting. Lawrence Santoro’s Tales To Terrify has produced audio versions of all of this years nominees for outstanding achievement in short fiction. This episode has Joe McKinney, Bruce Boston, and yours truly. My hat is off to Jacob Boris, the narrator of Available Light. He really dramatized and brought the story to life…

By the way, this marks the second audio recording of Available Light, the first produced by Mike Davis at his amazing Lovecraft eZine, who published and championed this story from the beginning.

Listen to this version of Available Light at Tales to Terrify!

8 responses to ““Lovecraft eZine” story makes it to the final Stoker Awards Ballot

  1. Palisano had my full support, I tell you what. I was disappointed he didn’t win, but there were some truly great stories he was up against. It really is an honor to be nominated (as was some other book last year the title of which I can’t remember…)


  2. The eZine is really starting to have an impact in the horror/fantasy genre. People are paying attention because the quality is there and the writers are there. I’m sure the eZine is going to attract more notice in the future. Mike, your dedication has made this thing go from a digital staple and paste startup to a slick bit of essential Lovecraftian reading each month. I think HPL himself would be honored to see what essentially is a 21st century amateur press zine turn into a real high class digital periodical.


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