What is “The Lovecraft eZine”?

Quick links:

Lovecraft eZine Press publishes weird fiction and cosmic horror. But we’re more than an independent press: we’re also a podcast, a Facebook page, and more.

And, we’re a community — you’re welcome to join us!

What is Lovecraftian horror? Those of you familiar with Lovecraft already know, but for those visitors who do not, here is a good explanation from Wikipedia: Lovecraftian horror is a sub-genre of horror fiction which emphasizes the psychological horror of the unknown (in some cases, unknowable) over gore or other elements of shock, though these may still be present.  It is named after American author H. P. Lovecraft (1890–1937)… The hallmark of Lovecraft’s work was the sense that ordinary life was a thin shell over a reality which was so alien and abstract in comparison that merely contemplating it would damage the sanity of the ordinary person. You can read the entire article at this link.

Who runs this website? Mike Davis is the editor and founder of The Lovecraft eZine.

Enjoy The Lovecraft eZine and please tell your friends!

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