Amazon Portal

Please bookmark this link and use it whenever you shop Amazon for any product:

It won’t cost you anything extra — not a penny.  But it helps Lovecraft eZine tremendously.

When you you need to buy something on Amazon, go to this link instead of going directly to It will open up to a Lovecraftian books page, but you can search for anything in any category.

Please bookmark this link and use it every time you shop (click here).

Amazon Affiliates Disclosure:

Michael Davis (Lovecraft eZine) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

27 responses to “Amazon Portal

  1. Is there any portal for Amazon France? I have several things to buy on Amazon and if it can help the webzine … I’m going to wait for an answer before ordering.

  2. I made my first purchase today through the Lovecraft eZine portal. I kept forgetting to use it, but now I have made it my landing page in Amazon, so let the spending begin!

  3. I just sent in an order using your portal and will.bookmark it to use again. I hope this will help.
    Best wishes for improvement in your health.

  4. I was checking this website for info on new Lovecraftian fiction and was just about to order some of the recommended e-books through Amazon, so I will certainly use your portal. I just hope it’s not a Lovecraftian-kinda space-time-portal that will be dropping deadites and tentacle-beasties upon my head 🙂

  5. I buy (too many) books off Amazon. I’ve gone through your portal page for my last three purchases and fully intend to keep it up! What a great idea!

  6. Ditto the above. Just ordered $52 in change of Cthulhu goodness via your portal. Great work on the site, keep it up.

  7. Yeah, I buy through amazon semi-often. Will definitely use this link starting from now on, I know full well living on minimal income.

  8. I’m a Joshua Hoffine fan and just found you due to his interview tonight. Bookmarked and will use your link…unfortunately I just ordered over $100 from amazom last night before I found you…grrr

  9. Hi! Any chance of setting up an portal for us Canadian Lovecraftians? Would really like to support this site if I can. Cheers and keep up the great work!

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