13 responses to “Lovecraftian Movies

  1. Hi Mike, recently discovered the e-zine, fantastic stuff. Have you ever seen the arthouse horror film Possession, with Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani? There’s a disturbing piece of work, lovecraftian in its portrayal of two people unravelling mentally in an alienated city (’80s Berlin, in this instance.) It has an ambiguous tentacled creature at the centre of it designed by Alien’s FX wizard Carlo Rambaldi. It’s a favourite of mine for overlapping eldritch themes. Guillermo Del Toro and dozens of other film fans also consider it be a lovecraftian work.


  2. have seen most of these ,will have to hunt down the rest ! would like to suggest a film that usually gets bad reviews , but there is no accounting for tastes . it`s not as bad as some , and I would have to say most definitely lovecraft inspired . you can find it on youtube , in two parts , just over 44 minutes each . it is on dvd but hard to find . nightscape, road without end . check it out ! you`ll at least find it interesting .


  3. I read an article somewhere how most of the tropes in horror films are lovecraftian in origin. Anyone have an idea on what article i’m talking about? I want to say it was written within the last six months… I want to say it was here, but it could have also been on a blog of sorts…


  4. Has anyone else seen the movie Baskin? it’s currently streaming on Netflix. It’s kind of like a Turkish Hellraiser. Arguably Lovecraftian. Curious to see what other folks think.


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