Watch awesome fan-created Lovecraftian movies

(It may take a minute or two to load this page; there are many movies embedded below.)

I’ve remarked before that the “little guys” — small and amateur studios — seem to do better with Lovecraft stories on film than the big studios.

With that in mind, there are quite a few Lovecraftian movies that are free to watch on Youtube and Vimeo.  I thought it would good to organize them all in one spot.  If I missed any, please let me know by commenting below, or email me:


Annotated – film by TerrorScribe Mafia.

At the Mountains of Madness – film by Cthulinos.

Beyond the Basement Door – film by Ten Wing Media.

Blight – A young police office get more then he bargained for when he visits the home of a reclusive farmer and his family.

The Brain Hack – Two students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God, and find themselves hunted by a deadly religious sect.

Call of Tutu – film by Aaron Vanek.

The Captured Bird – Incredible Lovecraftian short film by Jovanka Vuckovic.

Dagon – film by tracechops.

The Deep End – film by Simo Paulakoski.

The Deep Ones – film by Simo Paulakoski.

The Dunwich Horror and Other Stories.

Ethereal Chrysalis – film by Syl Disjonk.

The Haunter of the Dark – film by Biggstrek.

The Houndfilm credits here.

The Hound – film by slarner1.

The Music of Erich Zann – film by Jared Skolnick.

My Necronomicon – film by Aaron Vanek.

Nightgaunts – film by LoneAnimator.

Pickman’s Model – film by Mark Philip Lichtenstein.

The Picture in the House – film by Gary Lobstein.

Roe – film by Gary Lobstein.

The Shadow Bound series – created by the talented folks at .

The Shadow Out of Time – film by lenneers kanal.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth – film by NueArtPictures.

The Statement of Randolph Carter – film by Eldritch Animation.

The Terrible Old Man – film by Biggstrek.

The Tunnel – film by IvanRadovic88.

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