Lovecraft’s CTHULHU statue

I recently posted a drawing of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft himself.  Joe Broers has created a Cthulhu sculpture based on that drawing, and it’s killer!  They are cast in resin and painted. The figures are around 7 ¾” tall (in The Call of Cthulhu the figure is described as being between 7 and 8 inches tall).  See the picture below.

Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is $65.00.  Postage is $12.35 if you are in the USA.  If you are not in the USA, please email me first for postage cost:

Click here to buy “Lovecraft’s Cthulhu”.  It will look great on your desk as you read Lovecraft eZine;)

Note: Remember, the statues take time to make.  Joe Broers casts them when he receives your order, so please allow a few weeks for delivery.

Lovecraft’s CTHULHU – click to enlarge

36 responses to “Lovecraft’s CTHULHU statue

  1. It filter’d down to through, through the mad cosmic void, on yesterday’s dull afternoon. I looked at the box in which it was contained and felt a frisson of ecstasy and fear; for even though the object was conceal’d, yet I could feel its potency. For this was the image of which I have dreamed–this mad collocation of unearthly aspects that, conjoined, formed the thing that had been worshipped as a god. Oh, the ancient madness that kissed my brain and chilled my blood. Taking up my pocket knife, I ran it through the packing tape, carelessly slicing into my thumb as I did so. My sticky mortal elixir smeared onto the paper with which the object had been wrapped, and then a drop of blood dropped onto one of the talons soon exposed. How could stone absorb my mortal liquid in that way, hungrily? I ripped away the remaining paper, and although I knew that this THING was but recently formed, a new work by the skilled hands of a haunted artist, yet my bones quaked inside their envelope of skin as, holding the stone object to dim candlelight, I was overwhelmed with a sense of antedeluvian majesty. This was the Great Old One–mighty Cthulhu–fallen from the stars and residing in great R’lyeh, the city made for him by his minions, the dwelling that had sunken beneath the depths, beneath cold starlight. I felt the velvet kiss of fear as never before as, in dim candleshine, my eyes feasted on the image of the contemplative God, the Great Old One that, dead yet dreaming, mocked our planet and its puppets. And then my wounded thumb, pressing against the back of the eldritch eikon, was pricked by a tip of its wicked wings, and my wound split open, and my mortality was consumed by the famished stone that had been painted such a curious and foreboding colour, And for one tiny moment the shadow of the beast, thrown onto my attac room’s wall by dim candlelight, wavered and expanded, impossibly; and as it expanded and became titanic, my candle’s little flame went flickered and went out, as if it were some dying star.

    • Joe (the artist) emailed me and he says: “Good Lord, what have we done? Production must cease immediately, lest further ‘incidents’ occur.”

  2. My Cthulhu arrived yesterday!!! It’s pretty awesome, the details and colors couldn’t be any more perfect. All my friends dig it, even those not familiar with Cthulhu. It’s a must for any Lovecraft fan, and worth every penny. I look outward to filling my office with more of Joe’s sculptures!

  3. It came yesterday, love it. The papers and elder sign / cthulhu coins were nice touches as well.

    It currently has a place of honor between Choo Choo Bear and a Dalek as I try to figure out its final resting place.

  4. The first time I saw HPL’s sketch of a Cthulhu idol, I was roused. I’m sure it was on the Propping up the Mythos website, a great old one. Most striking was the cluster of eyes in the drawing, captured well in this tangible expression of HPL’s concept. And to say eyes, I mean, it is implied that they are eyes, or at least some alien version of the familiar cluster of sensory organs.
    The sculpture showed up early on my doorstep, this thing. The shipping box had a glyph in the likeness of Cthulhu. Including in the box was a calling card and two unexpected bonus tokens. Beneath the wrapped idol were pages of a facsimile letter and a copy from a newspaper clipping that provide background information on the statue’s origin and recent ownership. These extras made the unveiling more enjoyable – the sketches look like they were made of this sculpture rather than the other way around. What a delight that Lovecraft’s vision for a Cthulhu idol has been cast and is being offered to fans of HPL and his Mythos.

  5. Saw this statue a long time ago and was disappointed that I missed the opportunity to get one. Was very excited when I found this. Ordered my Cthulhu, the email I received said it would take 2-3 weeks. A week later a box with a doodle of an octopus on the side arrived at my door! Inside were copies of a “newspaper clipping” and letter explaining the “origin” of the statue, a zip-top bag containing a coin bearing a Wilcox-esque image of the statue and a branch-style elder sign (just to be safe!), and this guy:

    Its awesomeness is beyond words. It looks just like the original drawings. There are so many interpretations of the Cthulhu statue, it’s great to see one that’s as close as possible to Lovecraft’s original vision. Worth every penny!

  6. Received my Cthulhu’s sculpture three days ago! It is simply fantastic. I absolutely love this tope notch masterpiece. My japanese friends though it was a new sashimi from overseas 🙂 The cult is growing here too ! Best regards

  7. Mine is now nestling with a growing accumulation of eldritch tomes in Louisville, KY waiting until the stars are right to fly across the dark ocean to possess me (or vice versa).

  8. Received the wretched thing a week ago…and now…THE DREAMS, THE DREAMS…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Make it stop!

  9. A beautiful statue, and my roommate has learned a valuable lesson about opening other people’s mail. Thank you!

  10. I just received mine today. I put it in a place of honor in the library, right on my Lovecraft shelf. It adds the proper air of dread and loathsomeness to the room. Great work, Joe! The traveling version is fearfully awesome too!

  11. This is an awesome looking piece of work! Met the artist briefly at Necronomicon Providence. He was out of this model but I bought and love nonetheless the small Cuttlehead Cthulhu. Once my wallet recovers from the convention I’ll most likely add this to the collection…

  12. Hi! Brian O’Connell here.

    The similarity of Lovecraft’s drawing and Broers’ sculpture is simply astounding! How did you guys do it so right?

    Really cool statue, sure to cause cyclopean dreams to those who purchase it.

  13. I just ordered one of the statues. They look fantastic! Also going to link to this location for future orders from Amazon.

  14. Just got my Cthulhu statue today. To say I was blown away by it is to make an understatement. I am already planning other Cthulhu artifacts that I will order from Joe. There are a couple of knives that are calling to me as I type this 🙂

  15. Me and my wife Jennifer just ordered this amazing Cthulhu statue and can’t wait to get it. We looked at others in the past, but this is the only one that looks like Lovecrafts Cthulhu. Already have a perfect place for it to sit too. Right on our mantel, so that everyone that comes into our home can see it. Should start a few good conversations!

    • Got my statue over the weekend and I’m very happy with it and the extras that came with it! It even has the effect of being a little creepy in itself. Cthulhu’s head is slightly to the side and all six of his eyes look at the viewer. Its almost as if Cthulhu is studying you. Very happy that I bought it. Highly recommend it!

  16. I received mine yesterday, and it is truly a thing of beauty. Perfectly matches Lovecraft’s vision, according to his drawing. The extras are really cool too! It took a little over a month from payment to arrive at my doorstep, but it’s well worth the wait!

  17. Although I received my statue a few weeks ago, (a truly magnificent piece of work) it wasn’t until today that I noticed all the extras amongst the packing material in the box. Quite the find! I love the medallion and the accompanying articles! These unexpected bonuses just made the purchase that much more special! I have already recommended Joe’s work to my like-minded friends.

  18. Just a word of info. The picture evidently was taken with aheavy flash. In “normal” light the gold coloring is much less present. You can make it “golden” with paint, but I like the more subdued effect 😉

  19. Please tell me you still sell them! It looks great and I appreciate how it is based off of the original HPL drawing. If you do, I’m ordering asap

  20. I’ve seen, many statue props made of the of the Big C, and some of the fan made ones are proper works of art — eldrich hideousness aside of course. But when I saw this one faithfully based on HP’s two drawings, I had to order it.

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