“Mountains of Madness” web TV series

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Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness is an animated web series adapted from the revered H.P. Lovecraft novella At the Mountains of Madness. Written and directed by Stephen Sloan, with animation by Sloan Motion Pictures.

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to bring the Lovecraft novella to the big screen. It is a terrifying story about a doomed scientific Antarctic expedition that is hunted down and slaughtered by horrific creatures unleashed from the frozen wasteland. Its period, locations, horrendous monsters and unique story have presented significant challengers to filmmakers trying to make live action adaptations. These include the formidable production team of Producer James Cameron and Director Guillermo Del Toro with a cast featuring Tom Cruise that was abandoned by Warner Bros. a couple of years ago.

“Developing Mountains of Madness as an animated project seemed like a natural idea to me,” says Director Sloan. “The extraordinary settings and vivid Lovecraft creations are well suited to be brought to life through digitally assisted, classical animation.”

The Mountains of Madness series will be presented in approximately 30 episodes commencing in October 2016 with new episodes premiering and streaming each month throughout the year. Episodes ranging in lengths of 3-6 minutes will be available on an on-demand basis only to subscribers of HPLovecraft.TV as they are released along with all archived episodes and interactive features.

Questions should be sent to: info@innovativmedia.com

The cast for the Pilot Episode 1 includes Steven Shiaman as ‘Professor Dyer’, Matthew Bradford as ‘Danforth’, Mark La Pointe as ‘Lake’, Elvira Caria as ‘Claire’, Andrea Sloan as the ‘Waitress’, and Colin Meenagh performs multiple roles.

Lee Porter did the Sound Design and the Series music is composed and recorded by Brett Carruthers and M. Falcore

A bit more about the musicians:

M. Falcore is a Toronto based music composer who has written and produced six albums, and two EPs with the internationally popular Goth synth-rock band The Birthday Massacre. Infusing dark, atmospheric soundscapes with catchy pop melodies, the Birthday Massacre has brought its music to the international stage, touring the U.S, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, and Australia. His songs have been featured on television shows like The Vampire Diaries, as well as commercials and promo spots. Having built a solid foundation in creating engaging and complex soundscapes, M. Falcore is turning his attention to soundtracks for film and television narratives.

Brett Carruthers is a Music Composer and Producer based out of Toronto, ON. In 2012 he created the music company “Sugar High Bunny Punch” with some fellow composers and has written theme songs for several cartoon shows including “Oh No, It’s an Alien Invasion,” “Beyblade: Shogun Steel” and “B-Daman: Fireblast!” His passion for music isn’t exclusive to just cartoons however; in the Fall of 2015 he co-scored the moody live action short film “We Are Here” by Patrick J. Adams and has also released multiple albums with his hard rock band “A Primitive Evolution” who’s music has been featured on the TV show “Degrassi: The Next Generation and the indie horror film “Chastity Bites.” Brett continues to focus on music for Television and Film and producing albums out of his Toronto based fortress of noise, Desolation Studios.

A bit more about Stephen Sloan:

Stephen has been working in the animation industry since 2001. His productions span many children’s animated programs, including the award winning “Napkin Man” for CBC. Stephen has also performed various animation duties on prime-time animated shows including Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans” & “Moonbeam City”, FX’s “Unsupervised” and HULU’S “The Awesomes”.

Most recently Stephen has been writing and directing animation for the web. In partnership with Blue Ant Media in Toronto he produced animation for close to a dozen series, including the popular “Crack-Duck”. He also created the fan-favorite series “Parenthesis Humor”.

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A bit more about Lovecraft eZine:

The Lovecraft eZine has over 240,000 followers and is a magazine, website, and small press devoted to weird fiction, cosmic horror, and the Cthulhu Mythos.

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Watch the pilot episode of Mountains of Madness here!
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