Issue #23 – April 2013

Welcome to issue #23!  I’m excited to report that this issue marks the beginning of a monthly column by Lovecraftian legend Robert M. Price, Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt!  In addition, I have five Lovecraftian tales for you, one poem, and the already popular comic Cthulhu Does Stuff.  Please be sure to comment on the stories — that means the world to the authors.  Enjoy issue #23!

April 2013 issue cover, by Leslie Herzfeld - - click to enlarge

Issue #23 cover by Leslie Herzfeld – – click to enlarge


Cthulhu Does Stuff, #2
a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt, #1
a column by Robert M. Price

The Strange Tale of Samuel Winchester
by Samantha Hendersen & Andrew Nicolle

Tracking the Black Book
by Douglas Wynne

Not With a Bang, But Waves Whispering
by Wendy Wagner

A Cold Yellow Moon
by Joe Pulver & Edward Morris

The Whisper From the Deep
by Cora Pop

Nectar of Strange Lips
by Michael Griffin


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Listen to this issue’s podcast for free at this link.


Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis
Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain
Issue cover, logo, and fonts: Leslie Herzfeld
Story Illustrations: Nick GuckerPeter Szmer, ​Lee Copeland Mike DominicSteve Santiagoand Dominic Black
Story Readers: Morgan ScorpionVincent LaRosa, Lou Columbus, and David Binks
Line Editor: David Binks

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