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  3. Mike,
    I heard the Ligotti episode for the first time yesterday and was very impressed. I especially enjoyed one of your panelist’s reading from “The Frolic,” which affected me in the same way.

    As for the Cioran connection, that was fascinating. I’ve read both authors and I never linked the two. That was a profound insight.

    Ligotti and Cioran are much better writers than thinkers. I find Cioran’s fascist, anti-Semitic past during the inter-War years unacceptable — much as I do Ligotti’s brand of nihilism. There is, however, a lot of good existentialism in Cosmic Horror.

    Again, thanks to you and your very bright, well-prepared panelists for a great show.


  4. Thank you Mike for providing a place where Lovecraftians can call home. A center hub to explore, keep up with, and stay in tune with all things Lovecraftian and Cosmic Horror related. For those of us who used to feel alone, underground, and or even strange can now share and find themselves among their fellow kind. Keep up the great work!


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  6. Oh my God, Mike, I never knew you were raised in a cult – me too. Maybe it’s one reason the idea of an indifferent universe resonates, and the search for alternate realities is so compelling.


    • Hi Mike,

      Wow, a cult? That is crazy. Sorry, I couldn’t imagine.

      I recently asked a question about any other games besides the ones in the give-away. I sought out the answer at boardgamegeek.com. They reviewed 38 board and card games there, from Cults of Cthulhu to Necronomonopoly. I was glad they didn’t go into the Chaosium RPG games I am already familiar with, just stuck to board games and card games. Heck, they even had one called Cthulhu500, based on Nascar, lol.

      Keep up the great work at the ezine! I love it. When I find myself in a more financially secure position, I intend to donate. Right now, I have a baby on the way, a little girl (Alana) due on April 7th and I am between jobs, a common problem here in Michigan. I used to have a great job, working for the Lear, which had a contract with the UAW, making $26 dollars an hour. Then, we lost Clinton to the son of the first Bush, the towers fell, and, well, as you know, we have all been in recovery ever since. Perhaps one day, after college, I will have another job like that.

      Anyways, sorry for babbling.

      Mark A. McLemore.


  7. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for maintaining such a quality zine. I really appreciate the book reviews, reccomendations, links and all other aspects. I am a very introverted person, you and the nice people who follow the zine give me motivation to become more involved. Thanks again ! – melissa


    • Hi Melissa — thanks so much for your note. It really meant a lot to me — especially what you wrote about motivating you. I showed your note to my wife — it made my day.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the magazine and I hope you enjoy the ride!


  8. Thanks for the bio, Mike: You seem to live a full and balanced life. I’m sorry to read about your conditions; up until six months ago, I too suffered chronic pain, so I have a little insight into such matters. And I was pleased to learn of your love of OTR; I am a great fan of “The Shadow.” Take care, and here’s to the eZine!


  9. Ah, The Man From Earth… Aren’t we all? Or more correctly, just passing through. 🙂 Marvellous film. “One of the few truly erudite ones” as a gentleman I know opined.
    You’ve had a fine journey so far, look forward to joining in occasionally from now on.
    I’m a writer, stroyteller & poet, although somewhat behind in output and fandom (surprise surprise). Hope to natter sometime.


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