Issue #18 – October 2012

The stars are finally right!  Welcome to the October issue of The Lovecraft eZine: A tribute to Roger Zelazny’s beloved book  A Night in the Lonesome October.  I have eight tales for you this month instead of the usual five, as well as a wonderful essay on the book, and an introduction by Roger Zelazny’s son, the author Trent Zelazny.  At the end of every story, read on for some thoughts on the book from the author.

Please be sure to comment on the stories… it means so much to the writers and artists.  Enjoy issue #18!


October 2012 issue cover – art by Ronnie Tucker, text by Leslie Herzfeld – click to enlarge

Introduction to Issue #18
by Trent Zelazny

A Counting Game
by Derek Ferreira

Carnacki: The Parliament of Owls
by William Meikle

Twenty to Life in the Lonesome October
by Evan Dicken

The Great and Groovy Game
by Joshua Wanisko

My Least Immemorial Year
by Zach Shephard

The Gotterdammerung Gavotte
by Josh Reynolds

Big D, Little D
by Edward Morris

The Blackbird Whistling, or, Just After
by Orrin Grey

Fallen Books and Other Subtle Clues in Zelazny’s “A Night in the Lonesome October”
by Dr. Christopher S. Kovacs


Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

Kindle & Nook versionsKenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Ronnie Tucker; logo and fonts by Leslie Herzfeld

Story illustrations: Dominic Black, Nick Gucker, Mike Dominic, Ronnie Tucker, Stjepan Lukac, Steve Santiago, Leslie Herzfeld

Story readers: Mark Robinson,  Juliana Quartaroli, Vincent LaRosa, David Binks

Issue #18 co-editor: David Binks

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8 responses to “Issue #18 – October 2012

  1. You continue to surprise in the best ways. Another splendid issue, with a brilliant cover, full of fun and executed with expertise. A fitting tribute.

    One point about the little bat with the fast metabolism, Needle, that perhaps should be mentioned. No one has made a study of how many bats are conservative, as opposed to orthodox. But Needle, being both an insectivore and, at a pinch, a frugivore (feasting on [horrors!] ‘a plum and two grapes’), is definitely ‘reform’, and so one could expect this little bat to participate in many other odd annual rituals. Maybe even singing carols high above our ken.


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  3. Really enjoyed these stories. Have now ordered /A Night in the Lonesome October/ and am looking forward to next year’s tribute issue.


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