Issue #36 – Autumn 2015

Click to enlarge. Cover by Lee Copeland:


Cthulhu Does Stuff #15
a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

Better Halves
by KC Grifant

The Last Leaves
by Derek Wentz

by Christopher M. Cevasco

Restless Nights
by Justin Munro

The Thing in the Corner
by David A. Anthony

The Pardon of the Fogs
by Cora Pop

Mortuus Machanus
by D.B. Poirier

by Stewart Horn

The Voice of Zarnak
by Rick Lai

White Light Panic
by Phillip J. Johnson


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Publisher: Mike Davis
Editors: Mike Davis, Alex Kreitner

Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Lee Copeland
Graphic design: Kenneth W. Cain
Website version: Raven Daegmorgan
Story Illustrations: Giuseppe BalestraJesse Campbell, Jonathan Price, Henrik MagnussonThom Davidsohn, Honza Pánek, Heather LandryStephen Lillie, Patrick Ijima Washburn
Line Editor: Laura Dawley

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