Issue #11 – February 2012

Welcome to issue #11!  Mike Davis here, editor and publisher.  We have an incredible issue for you: SIX Lovecraftian stories instead of the usual five, audio versions of each story, and some truly horrifying amazing creations in the new art section.  Enjoy!

cover illustration by Mike Dominic, text by Stjepan Lukac


Marked as Urgent
by A.J. French

This Scattered Ash
by W.H. Pugmire & Jacob Henry Orloff

I Am the Key
by Mike Davis

by Patricia Correll

Dark Ambient Metamorphosis
by John Claude Smith

The Locked Door
by Brian M. Sammons

Art Section (NEW!)
Martin Hanford


Co-editors: A.J. French, Bruce L. Priddy

Issue cover: art by Mike Dominic, text by Stjepan Lukac

Story illustrations: Steve SantiagoGalen Dara, Nick GuckerRonnie Tucker,  Dana Wright

Story readers: Chris DeadMars Homeworld, Bruce L. Priddy, David Binks, Xan Nyfors

Chief cook and bottle washer: Mike Davis

(The Lovecraft eZine is sponsored in part by the Lovecraftian books That Which Should Not Be, by Brett J. Talley, and Hissmelina, by James R. Smith.  It is also sponsored by the Lovecraftian game Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.  Please consider clicking these links — these folks help make this magazine possible.)

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