White Light Panic, by Phillip J. Johnson

whitelight panic: walking/running a 3rd floor necropolitan-corridor

(for Joseph S. Pulver)

(a somewhere hall)

Small blueish puckered pearl / whitewhite panic

(somewhere sounds that do not speak)

panic strEAm|ing white stunted (static/plastic) NOTsun—NOTmoon homesane watered waste

a cateractic dizzy (eye|I) looking through yt window

¿are you seeing through Me?

. . . ¿ Y do you still/stEAL/STEEL ? (you are

¡stEEL!?!!?? cold?] … i can not kNOw from science scent

smells false within withdrawing h(ALL)ways

(somewhere here there are ghoulish-hungry-scratching Things)

you R cold

space-deep cold beautiful pearl wAste


F l o a t i n g

[blue&beautiful&HOME receding]

wakened corridor:

uning Xor ing always

but NOT both [never that)


NEVer Ω, never that final

, (bipolar corridor)

Here it is cold and terrible & hateful


& I feel THEM, whatever They are, near

behind folded realities beside(s) me

black ■ lust virgin/white (& pure; ¿ is yt eql ?) bone orb ivory blue

(staring starLy scarring) from

framed flecting(flectere) 2 frequency dull double re-mattefinish

dull & matte & matte BUT there, (re(re(re)))bending

dim&dim|dim| blinding cold blue tainted-painted thin wash overcanvas red turned

yellow turned this

turned yt turned eyes spiral SPIREaling ye crushing fallen spire hall badbadbad

hate geometry (cognizant)

Myth-o-mane-ī-ackian, Naïvian Euclid cult

Withered Wicked

noxious carpet fabric floOR, wrong s, wrong lines, vomiting colors vomiting.

papered confused n(ause|oxi)ous walls puke → too busy 2 let stay bile boiling bubbled throat

stale æther acid choking BILE

i walk i walk i walk I RUN !!! red red panic eye stars burn hot breath

red doors, red bodybagged window

closed doors tombstones: red, tombstones. No →→→ opening

epitaphs screaming infinite anxious, blurred

a maniac dirge stretching stinging ears [black holes) → a calling-forth dirge

white busy walls like white church white hotel → neverEnding hall, hell patterned

expressionistic bending cAntiSH walls acant standing

3rd floor h(a|e)ll way

running screaming singing

from 4th called—

Thoughts: torn leaves from pages of Sunday’s Night

white ghouls white hands white faces white grasping groping grasp / stiff fingers tear(ED)

[biled ghouled blood]


The s the s s,s,¿∠sss! yellow-white clasping grasping from S

& CURVES, idiot Leibniz corpse-bed floor ᒪ…ᒧ

Chaos’ occult calculus calling… chasing

horror calculust dæmon shapes ~~chasing~~chasing~~chasing~> touching

small blue awful orb / whitewhite panic . . . never nearer her her her ,,

cropped cold face cropped by bodybagged window

Trying to get something that can’t be got.

h(ALL)ways h(ALL)ways ha— always

they are touching

Jake JohnsonPhillip J. Johnson is a software developer, sometimes musician, and writer who lives just west of Atlanta, GA. He spends most of his leisure time reading. Or napping. He finds both equally enjoyable. When he is reading, his preference tends to be towards things speculative and uncanny.

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4 responses to “White Light Panic, by Phillip J. Johnson

  1. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. That is the sort of thing that makes all the effort worth it. Not to mention the extra motivation it gives me to put fingers to keyboard more often.

    There are certainly more pieces in the pipeline.

    Morgan, I’m not sure there is a certain way to read it. There are, I hope, many ways. I certainly understand where you are coming from, though. From 1st to 10th glance this sort of style can seem like confused, jumbled nonsense, which in this case it almost is, as it is partly an attempt to capture the protagonists state of mind throughout the story. But it is okay, and perhaps preferable, to take it at face value.

    I hope that helps some.

    Thanks again for the comments, guys!


  2. Loved it! Both the story and the format it is written in are amazing. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more.


  3. I loved it, i loved the format of the story. This kind of narrative that plays arround with the stlye and format to add to the concept is always great. Much like The House of Leaves.


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