Issue #15 – June 2012

Welcome to issue #15!  Mike Davis here, editor and publisher.  I think you’ll find this issue to be worth the wait.  I have six Lovecraftian tales for you, as well as a touching memoriam to Robert Nelson, a suicidal young poet that HPL corresponded with.  Some of the tales in this issue are, in my opinion, the creepiest published here yet.  Enjoy issue #15.

Lovecraft eZine issue 15 cover, by William Cook – text and title by Leslie Herzfeld – click to enlarge


Bus Stop
by Jerod Brennen

Starry… Yet… (NSFW)
by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr

Station Waiting Room
by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Pickman’s Marble
by Peter and Mandy Rawlik

by Siobhan Gallagher

In Memoriam
by W.H. Pugmire

A Stranger at the Door
by Bradly Shelby


Co-editor: A.J. French

Kindle version: Cthulhu Chick

Issue cover: William Cook (art) and Leslie Herzfeld (text, title logo)

Story illustrations: Steve SantiagoRonnie TuckerNick GuckerLeslie Herzfeld, Mike Dominic

Story readers: Morgan Scorpion, David Binks, Chris Dead, Robyn Lupo, Mark Robinson

Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

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4 responses to “Issue #15 – June 2012

  1. An interesting tale. One wonders what suddenly happened to transform the world and its people. Perhaps the stars were suddenly right.


  2. The cover art looks nice. Makes him look like a late night monster movie show host. I reckon he wouldn’t appreciate it, but I suspect he’d enjoy it in some twisted way.


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