Issue #14 – May 2012

(Mike here: I thought it would be appropriate and fitting for a woman to introduce this issue… and who better than Silvia Moreno-Garcia?)

Welcome to this special issue of the Lovecraft eZine. Women have not traditionally had a huge place in Lovecraftian fiction. Lovecraft certainly did not give us many heroines, though one might argue – as Renzo Giorgetti does in Lovecraftian Archetypes: the eternal feminine – that the female appears concealed and transformed in his narratives… [continue reading]

Lovecraft eZine issue 14 cover – by Galen Dara – text by Leslie Herzfeld – click to enlarge


A Beer and Tentacles
by Holliann Kim

Now She Preys Through Endless Days
by Jenna M. Pitman

Fiesta of Our Lady
by Ann K. Schwader

God Serum
by Wendy N. Wagner

Drive, She Said
by Tracie McBride

Art Section
featuring artwork by Galen Dara


Co-editor: A.J. French

Kindle version: Kenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Galen Dara (art) and Leslie Herzfeld (text, title logo)

Story illustrations: Robert ElrodSteve SantiagoRonnie TuckerNick GuckerGalen Dara

Story readers: Tam Frager, Morgan Scorpion, Justin Zimmer, David Binks, Juliana QuartaroliBruce L. Priddy

Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

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19 responses to “Issue #14 – May 2012

  1. have you sent the download link out for the nook/non-kindle subscribers? I must have missed it somehow if you have.


  2. I made a big error on the digital files for this, as in my break from editing my own work I had not noticed the formatting on a poem had changed and also that I had left out the introduction entirely! I apologize to anyone that was affected. Mistakes happen, but no one likes it when they do. I am very sorry. I’ll be sending revised files to Mike soon.


    • Ken, we just appreciate you doing it, and for correcting it… thanks for all that you do! Having a Kindle and Nook version gets the ezine to many more readers. 🙂


  3. The cover art is most haunting. I wish Lovecraft did more stories involving women as the lead. The Cthulhu Mythos isn’t all men having their minds twisted and souls ripped to shreds. Sometimes, it’s the woman who has the ‘very bad day’.


  4. Loving everything you’re doing so far! Keep it up, you’re on a roll… Cthulhu has always been some of my favorite reading, whether from the masters or the new voices in the mythos… keep it alive

    Armand Rosamilia


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  7. This is such a wonderful idea, an issue written by women. I look forward to reading it when I return from ye Lovecraft Film Festival. Happy birthday, Mike, you fabulous man!


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