Issue #35 – Summer 2015

Cover by David LaRocca:

Click to enlarge. Cover by David LaRocca:


Cthulhu Does Stuff #14
a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

Echoes from Cthulhu’s Crypt, #12
a monthly column by Robert M. Price

The Drunks’ Totem
by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Seeking Whom He May Devour
by Josh Reynolds

Art as a Mirror
by Tracie McBride

Gently Down the Stream
by Evan Dicken

The Silent Symphony
by Sam Gafford

The Changing Things
by Josh Wagner

by K.G. Orphanides

by Tom Lynch

The City of Yellow Lights
by Jason Andrew

The Secret of Ventriloquism
by Jon Padgett


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Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis
Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain
Issue cover: David LaRocca
Website version: Raven Daegmorgan
Story Illustrations: Dave Felton, Peter Szmer, Dominic Black, Steve Santiago, Greg Chapman, Robert Sankner, Tom Ardans, P. Emerson Williams, Riley Schmitz, Derek Schulze, John Freeman
Line Editors: David Binks, Laura Dawley

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The Lovecraft eZine is sponsored in part by:

  • Broken Meats, by David Hambling. The sequel to The Elder Ice, described by critic ST Joshi as having “smooth flowing prose, crisply delineated characters, effective portrayal of the historical period, and a powerful horrific climax.” Weird things lurk in the dark streets of London in 1925!
  • In the Gulfs of Dream, by David Barker and W.H. Pugmire. David Barker and W. H. Pugmire explore the uncanny realms of Lovecraftian horror, influenced by the fiction of that eldritch master, H. P. Lovecraft. With individual tales by each author, and two extraordinary and lengthy collaborations, the authors prove that the Cthulhu Mythos remains a valid and never-ending source of inspiration.
  • The Trials of Obed Marsh, by Matthew Davenport. The Exciting Prequel to Lovecraft’s “Shadow Over Innsmouth”. Four years after the mysterious disappearance of Robert Olmstead, the man who sent the FBI to Innsmouth, his closest friend has discovered new evidence into the reality of what Innsmouth truly was: He has found the Journal of Captain Obed Marsh.
  • Winter Falls, by Eddie Skelson. The strange incidence of government and military action inside the remote New England town of Innsmouth in the 1920’s is almost forgotten, but a few years later an arrival to the Scottish town of Winter Falls brings with him the religion that was driven out of Innsmouth…
  • The Doors of the Dauphine’s Palace, by Ed Kaczynski. A simple book acts as a sinister portal to endless horrors. A grief-stricken man reminisces about everything he’s lost. A knight is forced to fight to the death in a cruel test of fate. Lives are ruined, sanity destroyed—and nothing is what it truly seems. 
  • Dreaming Deep. Port of Long Beach, California. Tugboat Captain Ed Angelus discovers the horror first in a death match aboard the Lady Bulldog, a high-tech z-drive vessel. But when the Coast Guard and Homeland Security arrive on the scene, there’s no trace, and Ed is declared delusional and unfit for duty. A few months later Ed’s former crewmen dredge up something chilling from the depths of Alamitos Bay—something horrific…
  • The Thing On the Doorstep, a new Lovecraftian psychological horror film based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft. 
  • The Stars Were Right, by K.M. Alexander.  A gritty adventure through a city rich with life and death, in the style of a tale told over some cheap whiskey at a dusty dive bar on the outskirts of a bizarre Lovecraftian town. 
  • Lucky’s Girl, by William Holloway.  Something has awakened on Grove Island. Something that, even in sleep, has held Elton Township in its black embrace. Something old, wise and patient. Something that walked the ancient forests and howled beneath black skies. 
  • Fedogan and Bremer, a Lovecraftian publisher.
  • Offworld Designs: Awesome Lovecraftian t-shirts at reasonable prices.
  • These Old Tales, by Kenneth W. Cain.

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