Issue #16 – July 2012

Introduction, by A.J. French: This is a very special issue of the Lovecraft eZine. One of the most beloved aspects of H.P. Lovecraft’s writing is his dauntless explorations into the sea, and the menagerie of strange beings that he dredged up therefrom.  A plethora of globulus glob gods, slimy tentacled deities encrusted with barnacles, stinking mounds of vegetus unholiness, lurking Fish Lords of ancient Polynesian descent, and of course slumbering Cthulhu dreaming amongst the ziggurats of his sunken R’lyeh… the list goes on and on… and so do the adjectives. [read more]

Lovecraft eZine issue 16 cover — — art by Steve Santiago, text/title by Leslie Herzfeld — click to enlarge


In the Tank
by Scott Nicolay

The Thing In the Depths
by Pete Rawlik

Fish Eye
by David A. Riley

Fade to Black
by Robert Borski

The Visitor From Outside
by A.J. French


Kindle version: Kenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Art by Steve Santiago, text and title by Leslie Herzfeld

Story illustrations: Ronnie TuckerNick GuckerWarren Layberry, Stjepan LukacRobert Elrod

Story readers: David Binks, Vincent LaRosa, Morgan Scorpion, S.R. Jones

Issue #16 co-editors: A.J. French, David Binks

Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

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