Issue #20 – December 2012

Welcome to issue #20 of The Lovecraft eZine… and Happy Holidays!  Mike Davis here, publisher and editor.  I hope all of you are having a great Holiday.  This is the final issue of 2012, of course, and I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK all of you for reading, and for all your patronage.  I have such loyal readers and I appreciate you all.  I appreciate the kind comments about each issue, and all of you who support Lovecraft eZine by donating or by using the eZine Amazon portal.  THANK YOU, so much, and I’m looking forward to many more stories in the new year!


Issue 20 cover by Ronnie Tucker.  Click to enlarge.

Issue 20 cover by Ronnie Tucker. Click to enlarge.

Of Faith and Fallow
by William R.D. Wood

The Dead of Winter
by Jay Caselberg

Herbert West in Love
by Molly Tanzer

Wind Walker
by Neil John Buchanan

Yule Log
by Richard Holland


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Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Ronnie Tucker; logo and fonts by Leslie Herzfeld

Story Illustrations: Steve SantiagoPeter SzmerStjepan LukacMiko, and Sascha Renninger.

Story Readers: Bruce L. Priddy, David Binks, Vincent LaRosa, Lou Columbus, and Chaz Engan.

Issue #20 co-editor: David Binks

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7 responses to “Issue #20 – December 2012

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  2. Great solstice issue all around. From the art to the podcast, these tales satisfied my horrible yuletide hunger for weird fiction. Happy holidays to all! Thanks to mike and all who help with the eZine, this is a great way to close out 2012.


  3. Thank you, Lovcraft eZine for the Christmas present! I enjoyed all the stories this month, and believe, personally, you saved the best for last, Richard Holland’s Yule Log was excellent!


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