Issue #3, April 2011: Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the third issue of The Lovecraft eZine!  I’m Mike Davis, the editor of this online magazine.  I read recently that S.T. Joshi is of the opinion that the amateur journalism movement literally saved HPL’s career and perhaps his life.  Some people may look down on online publishing, but I see it as the 21st century equivalent of amateur journalism…  And if it was good enough for H.P. Lovecraft, it’s good enough for me.

In other words, it’s not about the medium, it’s about the quality of writing.  It’s about the story.

And speaking of stories… we have some great ones for you this issue!  And remember that in addition to the monthly magazine, this website keeps you informed about all things Lovecraft.  Subscribe via email or RSS (top right side of this page), “Like” us on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter to stay in the loop!

Here are the stories for the April 2011 issue:

Cockroaches, by Amanda Underwood (and it’s not about what you think it’s about!) – The foundation gave off this sound. I don’t remember it clearly, but there was this sound: a train whistle, a shooting star, stones cracking as they were torn asunder. And yet there was something else. An eerie whine beneath it all. As though wind was sucked from inside the building – positive to negative – and then that noise stopped as though the doorway closed.  Or something else came through…

A Meeting on the Trail To Hot Iron, by Joseph S. PulverI got black stars. Remembered the stars back East, the hollow black space between them. Didn’t care to hear more. Signs and seals be damned. Let hellish secrets stay in old books and away from the eyes and ears of simple men…

Things We Are Not, by Brandon H. BellAfter my third day in the City a crow alighted next to me on the park bench where I slept, squawking of a wonder at the city aquarium. Its feathers beaded with moisture, its beak dripped blood. During the night I had dreamed of faces floating in the mist above me, caught inside the cordon around the City as it died…

Descent Into Shadow and Light, by W.H. PugmireI awakened in my windowless tower, to the smell of ancient books and the worms with which they were infested, and swept the pale winged things from where they had nestled in my coiled hair…

The Slickens, by Jeremy RussellMy sister is long dead and buried.  What I hope to find may still be out there, lurking.  When they tear that place out, I will finally know the truth.  Before they start work, I need to see if it’s changed, so I’ll know where to direct them.  I want to guide them to it…”

As always, all story artwork is by mimulux!

Last, but not least, please welcome Bruce L. Priddy as co-editor of The Lovecraft eZine.  Bruce has been a great help, and it is much appreciated.  Please visit his website, Eschatology: The Journal of Lovecraftian and Apocalyptic Fiction.

I hope you enjoy this issue.  Let me know by commenting below, or by commenting on each story!

Thanks for reading!

Mike Davis, editor
The Lovecraft eZine

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