Lovecraftian Art – Issue #10 – January 2012

We have a brand new feature this month — Lovecraftian artwork!  Of course, the illustrations for each story are all original, but I thought it would be horrific cool to feature even more original work.  None of the art below has been published online or in print before.  Please do not steal this art or link directly to the image; link to this webpage instead.

Click to enlarge.  Enjoy!

(The following three images are by Charles Schneider.)

Brown Jenkins, by Charles Schneider

Eldritch Beings, by Charles Schneider

Alien Landscape, by Charles Schneider

(The following three images are by Dan Huntvisit his website for more!)

Lovecraft eZine, by Dan Hunt

Azathoth, by Dan Hunt

Rlyeh, by Dan Hunt

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6 responses to “Lovecraftian Art – Issue #10 – January 2012

  1. Great to see Charles Schneider’s work here. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting this gent at Lovecraft Visions Film Fest at the Seattle Art Museum. He’s had quite the life and has a fantastic flare for theatrics and storytelling. These art pieces of his are fantastic, and the Brown Jenkins piece reminds me of Lee Brown Coye’s wonderfully distorted line-work and bold use of blacks. Glad to see him within the folds of the Lovecraft eZine!


  2. These are so good. I particularly like Eldritch Beings by Charles Schneider. It really captures the evanescent nature of some of these things ….


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