Issue #13 – April 2012

Welcome to issue #13!  Mike Davis here, editor and publisher.  I have an amazing lineup for you this month: 5 stories and one essay!  Ecstasy of the Gold is a brand new story by Stephen Mark Rainey that I feel fortunate to publish.  Scale Hall by Simon Kurt Unsworth will terrify you, especially if you’re a parent.  And what can I say about The Dog Who Wished He’d Never Heard of Lovecraft by Anna Tambour?  Nothing, except… read it!  It’s very unique.  Rounding out our stories this month is The Ouroboros Apocrypha, a Thomas Ligotti-inspired tale by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, and Over the Hills by Victor Takac.  And if you’re a Ligotti fan, you’ll enjoy reading Brandon H. Bell’s essay, a reverent take on The Conspiracy Against the Human Race.  Enjoy issue #13!

Lovecraft eZine #13 cover – art by Ronnie Tucker (click image to enlarge)


Ecstasy of the Gold
by Stephen Mark Rainey

Scale Hall
by Simon Kurt Unsworth

The Dog Who Wished He’d Never Heard of Lovecraft
by Anna Tambour

The Ouroboros Apocrypha
by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

Over the Hills
by Victor Takac

This Inscrutable Light: A Response to Thomas Ligotti’s “The Conspiracy Against the Human Race”
an essay by Brandon H. Bell

Lovecraftian Art
Eric Lofgren & Jonny Christopher Ledford 


Co-editor: A.J. French

Kindle version: Kenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Ronnie Tucker (text: Stjepan Lukac)

Story illustrations: Nick GuckerRobert ElrodGalen DaraSteve Santiago

Story readers: Justin ZimmerMorgan ScorpionBruce L. Priddy, David Binks

Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

The Lovecraft eZine is sponsored in part by:

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