Issue #22 – February 2013

Welcome to issue 22!  Mike Davis here, editor and publisher.  I have six incredible Lovecraftian tales for you this month, and, this issue also marks the beginning of our new comic strip, Cthulhu Does Stuff.   If you prefer, you can also read this issue on Kindle or Nook, or, listen to the Podcast version!  I appreciate the kind comments about each issue, and all of you who support Lovecraft eZine by donating or by using the eZine Amazon portal.  THANK YOU.

Issue #22 cover by Steve Santiago - - click to enlarge

Issue #22 cover by Steve Santiago – – click to enlarge


Cthulhu Does Stuff, #1
a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

The Dance
by Robin Spriggs

Maybe the Stars
by Samantha Henderson

The Pyramid Spider
by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Powers of Air and Darkness
by Don Webb

by Joe Nazare

The Masked Messenger
by David Conyers & John Goodrich


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Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis

Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain

Issue cover: Steve Santiago

Logo and fonts: Leslie Herzfeld

Story Illustrations: Adam Baker, Nick GuckerRobert Elrod, and Dominic Black

Story Readers: Chaz Engan, Morgan ScorpionVincent LaRosa, Lou Columbus, David Binks

Line Editor: David Binks

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5 responses to “Issue #22 – February 2013

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  2. Well, just finished reading this issue, and what a great ride it took me on!
    Thanks to all the writers and artists and a big thanks to Mike Davis for bringing yet another great installment of the ezine!


    • Thanks for saying that U.G., I appreciate the mention. When I worked on the cover I came up with a story in my head. This is my organ eating abomination that got branded with the protective Elder sign in a disparate attempt to hurt it…but it only drove it more insane with anger!


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