Introduction, by Aaron J. French

Aaron J. French“There was a time when our earth was composed of very much softer material than it is now, when rock and stone were not so solid, when the forms of the plants were quite different, when the whole was as if embedded like a primeval ocean in water-caves, when air and water were not separated, when all the beings now dwelling on the earth, the animals and plants, were enveloped in water. When the minerals began to assume their present form, man emerged from invisibility.”
Dr. Rudolf Steiner, 1908

Greetings eZine readers,

Some of you may be familiar with my work, I’ve had a few stories published in the eZine. I’m the author of the surreal-metaphysic weird fiction collection Aberrations of Reality. I’ve also edited the anthologies The Shadow of the Unknown, Songs of the Satyrs, and The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft. And I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Dark Discoveries magazine. I recently proposed to Mike Davis the idea of featuring several new stories in the eZine based on the fabled lost continent of Atlantis and the weird fiction worlds of H.P. Lovecraft. He happily agreed, and so I am pleased to bring you six new stories I selected and edited focusing on this theme. There is new work from Donald Tyson, John Langan, Erik T. Johnson, Jodi Renée Lester, Darren Speegle, and Gio Clairval. I’ve always been fascinated by Atlantean mythology and personally I think it mixes quite well with HPL’s Mythos. I hope you enjoy this special selection of stories and that you will check out the authors’ other work if you happen to like them. Thanks for tuning in!

—Featured Editor,
Aaron J. French

(Publisher’s note: Aaron’s themed tales are the first six stories in the table of contents. In addition to those, we’ve included three additional stories by Kurt Fawver, K.G. Orphanides, and Mark Howard Jones. — Mike Davis)

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