Issue #8, November 2011: Introduction

Welcome to the 8th issue of The Lovecraft eZine! Thanks for being here. The magazine keeps growing and growing, and more and more people are taking notice — a couple of weeks ago, we were even mentioned at! Thanks to all of you who keep spreading the word… I appreciate it.

I’ve got five great Lovecraftian stories for you that I know you’ll enjoy. Please be sure to comment on each story and let the author know that you liked it.

Desert Mystery! Gas & Go!, by Ann K. Schwader: Depths beyond understanding, where the leavings of a race far older than humanity – but no wiser – wax sentient and cunning, vengeful with the slow turning of stars…

The Tunnel Inside the Mountain, by Aaron J. French: A scream bounded through the darkness above the temple. Thinking of Jorge, I turned in time to see Marco dash into the corridor. I rose from my spot in the gazebo and gave the idol a solemn nod of appreciation. Then I hurried after. The complexity of the temple made navigation difficult, especially at this pace. I was not able to catch up with Marco. Jorge’s screams filled the air, chilling me as I groped along in the torchlight…

#Dreaming, by William Meikle: Darren was amused to see the Dreaming God turn up in his Twitter feed that January morning, amused enough to follow whoever had set it up…

What Dances in Shadow, by Derek Ferreira: The leather was secure. I trimmed away the excess gingerly with a modeling knife. One wrong cut and I might sever the thread, which would mean starting over. That sort of thing would drive a man mad. As I worked, I could see the etched figures move. They seemed to, anyway. A trick of the light. But at the edges of my vision I could see them flail and writhe to a sound only they could hear…

The Time Eater, by Adam Bolivar: I was transfixed, and stood staring down the well until William took my arm and gently pulled me away. “What is at the bottom of that well?” I asked. “It feels very old. Very old indeed…”

I hope that you enjoy this issue. If you do, please consider donating to keep this magazine going; even a couple of dollars helps. It also helps The Lovecraft eZine when you click the Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter sharing buttons at the end of each story. And be sure to comment — if you’re enjoying the magazine, let me know!

Mike Davis
Founder and Publisher

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