Keep The Lovecraft eZine alive…

Here’s something that perhaps not a lot of people think about: The Lovecraft eZine costs money to run.  I pay my writers, I pay for bandwidth for the Lovecraft audios, and so on.  And I don’t do it to gain anything for myself, quite bluntly… I do it to contribute to the Lovecraftian community.  My goal has always been to create an online magazine where people can read quality Lovecraftian fiction — for free.

But I’m not rich.  I need your help.  Even a small amount of money from you per month can keep this magazine going.  It almost closed down once due to finances — let’s not let that happen again!

Please choose an option below:

AUTOMATIC monthly donation:

Donate $5.00 per month
Donate $10.00 per month
Donate $25.00 per month
Donate $50.00 per month
Donate $100.00 per month

Or, a ONE-TIME donation of any amount you choose.

Please note that all donations and subscriptions are through Paypal; I do not see your card or bank information.

And, THANK YOU for helping to keep this website alive.

Mike Davis

P.S. You can also support The Lovecraft eZine without spending ANY extra money: click here to find out how.  And… thanks.

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