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Hi there! I’m Mike Davis, founder of The Lovecraft eZine. Each week, I bring you the popular Lovecraft eZine Podcast (video and audio): a bunch of geeks talking about Lovecraftian horror, weird fiction, horror books and movies, and more!

The Lovecraft eZine is also an independent press; I’ve published books like Autumn CthulhuThe Peaslee Papers, and Whispers, just to name a few.

But I need your help to keep the eZine going. If you’re a fan of the podcasts and/or the books, please become a Patreon. For only $5 a month — less than the price of a fast food meal — you’ll have access to additional Patreon-only podcasts!

And at higher reward levels, you can get free print and Kindle Lovecraft eZine Press books (and other horror books) every month, and you can even be a guest panelist on the show!

This is my only job, and I love doing it. But it takes money to keep the Lovecraft eZine going. If you enjoy the podcasts and the books, please become a Patreon. You’ll get tons of extra content, and you’ll be ensuring that the eZine continues.

And hey… thank you! 🙂

Mike Davis

Become a Patreon — click here!

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