Lovecraftian Art – Issue #11 – February 2012

Welcome to the Lovecraftian Artwork page for issue #11!  None of the art below has been published online or in print before.  Please do not steal this art or link directly to the image; link to this webpage instead.

The following artwork is by Martin Hanfordclick here to view more of his work!  Enjoy, and be sure to comment below to let Martin know you enjoyed his art.  Click to enlarge.

Martin says: “Nyarlathotep was an alternate version of another I did with full ‘stippling’, I redid it to make it bolder, Cursed Captain was probably based on an overload of Doug McClure films and too many Mythos cards and Innsmouth (Look) picture was an experiment with some new materials.”



Cursed Captain



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9 responses to “Lovecraftian Art – Issue #11 – February 2012

  1. Thanks for adding the art section! It’s great to see how visual artists interpret the elements of HPL’s work and other similar work. I love the Ezine and this new section. Keep it coming!


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