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Vastarien: A Literary Journal – “Nightmare Made Normal”

VASTARIEN is a source of critical study and creative response to the corpus of Thomas Ligotti as well as associated authors and ideas. The inaugural issue is going to be something unusually special, filled with in-depth essays, interviews, original visual art pieces, weird fiction, terrific poetry, and fascinating hybrid pieces. An interview with Thomas Ligotti and an introduction by him, neither of which have ever been presented in English, are included.

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Urban Legends about the Batman, Bob Kane, and H.P. Lovecraft

My emotional rollercoaster with the Batman movies brought to mind the difference between wish-fulfillment and reality. What I expected from such movies differed wildly from the reality I sat through with dwindling audiences of fans. At one stage, the question arose about Bob Kane (Batman’s Creator) and H.P. Lovecraft, “Did destiny unknowingly cross their paths?” Was there any substance, a link between the two men? Or was it simply a wish that a relationship existed when there was none? Did Batman lurk in the shadow out of time?

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