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Swan River Press Craft an Object of Physical Beauty with “The Scarlet Soul: Stories for Dorian Gray”

THE SCARLET SOUL is a testament to the love and dedication Swan River Press put into their craft and they should be applauded for the physical allure alone. This is a book one can see becoming an heirloom object. My advice would be to snap up a copy of The Scarlet Soul while they are still available and keep an eye out for future releases by Swan River Press, while their price range is affordable their books are imminently collectible.

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Artificial Intelligence and Lovecraft’s Elder Things: Will Humanity Echo Their Errors?

In this discussion, we will address the following questions: How did H.P. Lovecraft view man’s emerging relationship to machines? What lessons can humanity take from the Earth first proto-men, the Elder Things? How do those concepts apply to humanity’s relations with today’s shoggoths: Artificial Intelligence? What will sentient A.I. attitudes be towards its organic creators? How are society’s overlords preparing the populace for future A.I. rule? Will evolution ensure a future humanity that is superior to A.I.?

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