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Pete Rawlik reviews “MALINAE” by Josh Schlossberg

In some ways, this is an incredible book about growing old with the one you love.

Then things get weird.

I was particularly pleased with the description of two senior citizens struggling against an ocean enraged by both a hurricane and the presence of a nascent elder god.

There are relatively few books in which the elderly function as protagonists, and Schlossberg not only makes you care for the pair of them, but also makes their plight and actions in the face of a personal apocalypse feel perfectly appropriate and natural.

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Another HORROR Old-Time Radio episode!

NIGHTFALL: “Welcome to Homerville” — “Arguably the best episode of the entire series, ‘Welcome to Homerville’ was nominated for a 1980 ACTRA Award for best writing. On more than one occasion during my research, I ran into someone who remembered hearing this episode when it originally aired, or during one its runs on NPR Playhouse, and being scared to death by it. The secret is: don’t listen to it while driving at night!” —

MYSTERY THEATER: “The Horla” — “Today, the undisputed lord and master of the planet is man. Yet in the fullness of time, every victor is finally vanquished. Will WE, in our turn, also be conquered? Who waits to make of us what we have made of the animals?”

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