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Avalon Brantley Carries the torch for American Decadence in “Descended Suns Resuscitate”

Avalon Brantley’s work is addictive because it is the combined result of a profound knowledge of humanity’s past, an exquisite prose style and a deep love for the act of storytelling. More than anything it is an all-consuming love of writing that lends its luminosity to DESCENDED SUNS RESUSCITATE.

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Podcast: Ellen Datlow, editor of “The Best of the Best Horror of the Year”!

Watch or listen to the latest episode of the Lovecraft eZine podcast! Our guest was Ellen Datlow, editor of THE BEST OF THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR: 10 YEARS OF ESSENTIAL SHORT HORROR FICTION (and many other books). After we spoke with Ellen, we discussed the upcoming AMC NOS4A2 series, PICKMAN’S GALLERY, DOORBELLS AT DUSK: HALLOWEEN STORIES, the new movie COLD SKIN, and much more!

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