Issue #2, March 2011: Introduction

Mike Davis here — welcome to the second issue of The Lovecraft eZine!  You know, I think that we are somewhat programmed by society to feel that if a story is free, or online, that’s because it’s probably inferior.  I hope you agree with me that in the case of The Lovecraft eZine, that is certainly not so.  My vision for this online magazine is that these free stories are every bit the quality of printed collections, if not more so!  That is something that I will continue to strive for.

Each of the writers in this issue have been published elsewhere in print, and I feel fortunate to have their stories in this magazine.  I hope you enjoy them — if you do, please comment below each story and let the author know.

So without further ado, here are our stories for the March issue!  Click each title to read the story.

Some Distant Baying Sound, by W.H. PugmireMadness rides the star-wind – that chilly disturbance that titters and howls just outside my skull. It is cold and dry, like some cosmic mistral from Southern heaven; and it knows my name, for I hear it chittering again, again…

A Different Morecambe, by Simon Kurt Unsworth – As they walked, he became more and more uneasy. Even here, where usually there were throngs of people, the roads and pavements were empty. The seafront kiosks and stores were closed, their windows covered by grills in whose slotted faces leaves and paper stuck and against whose bases more rubbish gathered…

False Light, by Adrian Chamberlin – Even in this darkness they seemed to glow with an inner luminescence, like one of those strange fish-like things Jem had seen landed along the coast last summer. Something that had no right to exist, that Francis Davey had claimed to have come from some unfathomed part of the ocean where the sunlight never fell…

Allure, by Josh Wagner – When the creature washed up on our shore, I was among the first witnesses. Taking the same walk I took every morning along the cliff trail overlooking Surfer’s Cove, I passed a small beach bound on each side by rocky shoals and tide pools. Four or five tourists had already gathered beside the creature, which at first glance I mistook for a giant tangle of seaweed…

As always, all story artwork is by mimulux!

I truly hope that you enjoy this second issue.

Mike Davis
Editor, The Lovecraft eZine

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One response to “Issue #2, March 2011: Introduction

  1. Thank you, Mike, After completting the maien issue Just started reading the Second Issue, i know it will be a ride to sheer madness.


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