Issue #28 – December 2013

Welcome to issue #28 of The Lovecraft eZine!  Mike Davis here, editor and publisher.  This issue is a tribute to one of our greatest Lovecraftian writers, W.H. Pugmire, and his fictional Sesqua Valley.  Wilum Pugmire has said that his goal as a writer is “to dwell forevermore within Lovecraft’s titan shadow.”  I’d say that not only has he succeeded, but he has cast a titan shadow of his own.   Whether you’ve read him for years or you’re just discovering him now, I believe you will enjoy this issue.

REVISED-Issue28Dec2013Issue cover by Andrea Bonazzi – click to enlarge


by S.T. Joshi

Cthulhu Does Stuff #7
a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

Echoes from Cthulhu’s Crypt, #5
a column by Robert M. Price

A Massing of the Shades
by Richard Gavin

The Storm Horses
by Scott Thomas

Vyvyan’s Father
by Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy

The Winds of Sesqua Valley
by Ann K. Schwader

Jar of Mist
by Jeffrey Thomas

(he) Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror
by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

The Deep Black Pit
by Jessica Amanda Salmonson


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Publisher & Editor: Mike Davis
Kindle & Nook versions: Kenneth W. Cain
Issue cover, logo, and fonts: Andrea Bonazzi,Leslie Harker
Website version: Raven Daegmorgan
Story Illustrations: Steve Santiago, Lee Copeland, Mike Dominic, Dominic Black, Nick Gucker, Dave Felton, Anthony Pearce, and Nick Gucker
Story Readers: Morgan Scorpion, Bruce L. Priddy, Vincent LaRosa, David Binks, Chaz Engan, Lou Columbus
Line Editor: David Binks, Adrian Chamberlin

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5 responses to “Issue #28 – December 2013

  1. I enjoyed “jar of mist” by Jeffrey Thomas. Well constructed, easy to read and entertaining throughout.
    Jessica Salmonson’s poem “The Deep Black Pit” bore similarities to Thomas Liggotti and was enjoyable to read. As a note from Milton, Paradise Lost, “Did I request thee, Maker, form my clay to mould me a man, Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?” Well, it’s better than nothing.
    Always enjoy S.T Joshi, as my bookshelves will testify.


  2. I have to say I enjoyed The Storm Horses very much. The imagery was fantastic, and the art held memories of Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, one of my favorites from childhood. Very nice work, both to Mr. Thomas, and to the illustrators, Mr’s Felton and Pearce.


  3. At first, there was my passion for Lovecraft. Then arise my passion for Wilum. A rare passion like the one I felt for Poe when I was 10.
    Then Lovecraft eZine, which comes monthly despite the adversity faced by Mike. Lovecraft eZine I read on my kindle with the same pleasure every time.
    And then came #28, and its amazing cover by Andrea Bonazzi … and the story of Richard Gavin. Sesqua Valley and its legendary Simon Gregory Williams. And its tower. This story blew me away. And the illustration by Nick Gucker is simply stupendous. Now, I look forward to read the Kindle version to delight myself with the other stories, in my bed.


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