Art – Issue #14 – May 2012

Welcome to the artwork section of issue #14 — our featured artist is Galen Dara, who also drew the cover for this issue.  I am very fortunate to have Galen on the Lovecraft eZine artist team; she is SO talented, and there’s something really haunting about her work.  In fact, I’ve commisioned her for several private projects, including illustrating my poem, The Town of Autumn.

Galen Dara likes to sit in the dark with her sketchbook, but sometimes she emerges to illustrate for books and magazines, dabble in comics, and hatch wild collaborations with friends and associates. She got her first real emersion to Lovecraftian Mythos doing artwork for Cthulhurotica, published by Dagan Books.

Galen has also done art for Edge Publishing, Apex, Scapezine, Tales to Terrify, Peculiar Pages, and Sunstone. She is the house illustrator for Lightspeed Magazine, is on the staff of BookLifeNow, blogs for the Inkpunks, and writes the Art Nerd column at the Functional Nerds. Last year Galen worked with writer John Nakamura Remy to create the comic Traitors and Tyrants for Monsters and Mormons. Currently, Galen is working on the art for Dark Depths, Wendy N. Wagner’s debut novel. (You can get a taste of Wendy in this issue with God Serum.)

When Galen is not working on a project you can find her on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, climbing mountains or hanging out with a loving assortment of human and animal companions. Follow her on twitter @galendara, and view more of her artwork at her website.

Please do not steal this art or link directly to the image; link to this webpage instead.  Enjoy!

cover for Fish, an anthology put out by Dagan books


illustration for BEAUTY in Lightspeed Magazine


cover for May 2012 issue of Tales to Terrify


artwork for Traitors and Tyrants – with John Nakamura Remy

View more of Galen’s art at her website!

If you enjoyed the art on this page, let Galen know by commenting — and please use the Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus buttons below to spread the word.

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14 responses to “Art – Issue #14 – May 2012

  1. I liked the Bull/man and could see a short story where the bull is ageless and comes from the labyrinth of ancient times to now and is looking for another venue to work in.


  2. There’s such a delicate, almost weightless character to her artwork that’s hard to describe. Even the most terrifying subjects have a fragile quality to them. Beautiful and haunting.


  3. Galen, your style is mesmerizing and I always look forward to seeing how you interpret each story illustration. I can’t wait to see what you create next!


  4. A well deserved feature indeed. Galen’s artwork is so deliciously creepy, and her range so wonderfully broad. I still find it awesome that I got lucky enough to have my own work here be one of the stories graced with Galen’s work to accompany it, especially since she captured the feel of the piece so brilliantly 🙂


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