Issue #10 – January 2012

Welcome to Issue #10!  Click below to read the stories, and be sure to check out the brand new art section.  There are also audio versions of almost every story.  Enjoy!
Mike Davis, Editor

Tark Left Santiago 
by Joseph S. Pulver, SR 

The Spaces Between Space
by Brett J. Talley

by Joshua Reynolds

White Noise
by Michael Matheson

The Vessels
by Nancy O. Greene

Art Section (NEW!)
Dan Hunt and Charles Schneider


(The Lovecraft eZine is sponsored in part by the Lovecraftian books That Which Should Not Be, by Brett J. Talley, and Hissmelina, by James R. Smith.  Check ’em out!)

6 responses to “Issue #10 – January 2012

  1. What a great issue! I love the new art section. What a great idea to add to the magazine, and what really good art to choose for the inaugural! Way to go, Mike!


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