The Deep Black Pit, by Jessica Salmonson

pugmireArt by Mike Dominic: – click to enlarge

to Wilum from Jessica

To exist in this world is no fun for me and I would
Rather fall into a deep black pit where there are no
Answers because there are no questions and
No purpose whatsoever and therefore no reason to
Struggle for a purpose or a rhyme or a
Meaning to existence when there is none, none, none,
Other than to dream of blind bliss…but O
God, I am already here.

jessicaJessica Amanda Salmonson is a recipient of the Lambda Award and World Fantasy Award. Among her novels is the expressionist horror yarn “ANTHONY SHRIEK: His Doleful Adventures; or, Lovers of Another Realm,” set in the streets of his and Wilum’s city of Seattle and featuring characters based on people they both have known. It’s soon to be re-released by Centipede Press as part of a huge omnibus.

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Poem illustration by Mike Dominic.

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