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The Lovecraft eZine is a free magazinea podcastan independent press, but most of all, it’s a community. A community of cosmic horror fans, weird fiction fans, general horror fans… and more.

There’s always something happening at The Lovecraft eZine, so join us! Here’s the schedule (click the hyperlinked text after the time):

Me (Mike Davis) on a recent Lovecraft eZine live podcast

Sundays at 6pm Eastern Time: The Lovecraft eZine Podcast

Did I say podcast? Sure, but it’s more like joining friends to discuss your favorite cosmic horror, weird fiction, horror movies and books, and related topics! Guests have included Paul Tremblay, Nadia Bulkin, Laird Barron, and many others. Watch live and text chat with us and the guests, or watch any time later.

A few days after the live broadcast, I release the audio edition on iTunesSpotify, etc. You can also listen to and/or download the episodes here.

Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern Time: Horror Old-Time Radio

Again, you can join us live, or you can listen to the episodes at any time in the future. Sure, all of these are available somewhere online, but… I’ve been listening to old-time radio for over 40 years. I’m picking out what I consider to be the best of the best. And if you join live, you can text chat with us while we listen to the story!

Saturdays at 10:00pm Eastern Time: Lovecraft eZine Movie Night, hosted by Matt Carpenter

Matt is one of my podcast panelists, and almost every Saturday night, he hosts “Movie Night”! To participate, download the application KAST on your phone or computer (or click here). Then ask to join the party (group) eZine Movie Night.

Matt says: “I will accept everyone but I only check it once or twice a week so be patient.”

This event is live only, and it’s a lot of fun. Watch horror movies and text chat with other horror fans during the show!

Well, those are the events! I hope you enjoy our little community.

Last but not least, feel free to join our Facebook group, The eZine Community. It’s a place to discuss all things cosmic horror, and to chat about horror movies, books, and more.

“Lovecraft eZine chats are REALLY interactive!” – art by Dave Felton

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