The Lovecraft eZine is a magazine, but it’s also a community.  I want to make it easy for Lovecraft fans to meet online and interact with each other.  There are several ways to do that:

The Lovecraft eZine Public Message Board — Our Facebook group where you can discuss all things cosmic horror, weird fiction, and more.  (Please remember that the message board is not a place for you to post about your book, website, or product.)

The Lovecraft eZine Podcast — Every Sunday at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific), our panel discusses all things Lovecraft and Weird Fiction.  Watch the show LIVE on Sundays at this link, or watch the recorded version any time after that on my Youtube page.

10 responses to “Community

  1. Mike, I hope you know that most of us really appreciate all the work you do here. Lovecraft is a worthy subject. Unfortunately some people can’t separate their personal emotions from a discussion, and a subject like HPL’s xenophobia is a prime target. Especially here on the web, some people take it almost as an invitation to get nasty with anyone who disagrees with them.

    Good luck with the move and your health and thanks again for the ‘zine!


    • Thank you. I truly appreciate it. It was a rough few days, but reading comments like yours is what eventually cheered me up. Knowing people like you out there appreciate the website means more than I can say.

      Thanks again.


  2. That is not dead can external lie and with strange eons…. Ichabod Crane using Lovecraft in the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow season 2 episode 2


  3. Hi Mike–Just want to say how much I enjoy your ‘zine, video chats, etc. I’m a long time fan of horror fiction, but never read Lovecraft until a few years ago. Where have I been? LOL. LOVED the Cthulhu Pizza Kitchen video. BTW, I also have fibromyalgia and know how frustrating it can be. The only thing that helps me is to get rest and avoid stress (ha!) Keep up the good work, and best wishes.


  4. Hi, I was just introduced to your podcasts, as Adam Nevill mentioned it in his newsletter (I am a big fan of his). I loved it, even the discussion after Adam left! I like the discussions on topics from trending books to TV shows and movies. Even better, I feel like I’ve finally found my people! Thanks, looking forward to going through the archived podcasts and hearing more!


  5. I’ve been checking out the Lovecraft eZine for a couple of years. I am really impressed with the quantity and range of Lovecraftian media covered here. I find this site a very valuable resource. I’m starting to listen to the podcasts lately. Thanks for for all the hard work making this eZine happen.

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