Brown Jenkin

This is sculptor Joe Broer’s second version of Brown Jenkin; this time he’s a little more evil looking and sitting on an infant’s skull with a base of disembodied faces.  After Jenkin’s demise the house was torn down revealing that ‘it had a ghastly layer of older materials which paralyzed the wreckers with horror. In brief, the floor was a veritable ossuary of the bones of small children.  Brown Jenkin was created with super sculpey and painted. He’s about seven inches tall.  Joe makes copies of this figure in resin.

Brown Jenkin is $65.00.  Postage is $11.35 if you are in the USA.  If you are not in the USA, please email me first for postage cost:


6 responses to “Brown Jenkin

  1. That is really creepy. I first read Dreams in the Witch House when I was 12 and Brown Jenkin has ALWAYS creeped me out!


  2. I bought this for my husband as a wedding present and he loves it. Nice to have Brown Jenkin back in the Mason family. 🙂

    – Barbara Mason


  3. Lovecraft’s “Dreams in the Witch House” is my favorite, despite its bad rep. And it also gave us some wonderful villains: Keziah, the Black Man (Nyarlathotep), and, of course, Brown Jenkin. Love this!


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