Lovecraftian Links, part 1

And so starts another horrifying chapter in the life of The Lovecraft eZine: Lovecraftian Links!  There will always be 4 per post — more to come soon.  Enjoy!

Lovecraft Is Missing – I’ve just now had time to start reading this comic, and it is absolutely amazing.

H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast – In each weekly podcast, these guys discuss a specific H.P. Lovecraft story – what it’s about, how it reads, why it may have been written and what other works of art it’s influenced.

The Cosmicomicon – An electronic repository for all things cosmic, terrifying, and strange.

Cthulhu Chick – Very disturbing, in that comforting sort of way.  Order one!  “My name’s Ruth and I’m a Cthulhu Chick. That is to say, I’m a chick with a lot of Cthulhus. Last fall, I discovered the tiny crocheted Cthulhu pattern and it revived my interest in crocheting…”



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