‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ – Movie Discussion!

Time for another conversation thread!  Here is a really good article about the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness:

Cinema News: Who Can Do Justice To HP Lovecraft?

You have the floor!  How do you think it’s going to turn out?  Are you optimistic?  What do you think of the Tom Cruise rumors?  Etc., etc., etc.!  Comment below.

6 responses to “‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ – Movie Discussion!

  1. I trust Del Toro, though I have heard horrible rumors of Tom Cruise.

    I can’t believe the article missed “In the Mouth of Madness”. That’s my favorite Lovecraft-themed movie thus far. I would really love a big-budget version of the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, myself. Then again, I was never the biggest fan of Mountains.

    I think The Music of Erich Zann would also be a great choice (plus it could be done ultra-low budget…a street, a house, two men, a woman, and a single CGI scene). Maybe a modernized version, kind of like the story in the first issue Rickman’s Plasma, where the musician is an electronica or dark ambient artist, who in his search for obscure and esoteric samples led him to putting out an accidental summoning, which he now must continuously push away with variations on the same music that called it. Hmm…


  2. I’m fascinated by the idea of this director attempting this story.

    Whoever is cast, I’m giving this it’s day in court. Personally, I want to see adaptations of “The Rats in the Walls”, or “The Thing on the Doorstep” – the best failed relationship story ever written. I think Guillermo can do this justice. But I’m saying that with tentacles-crossed.


  3. Lovecraft is almost impossible to adapt, with all the “can’t describe this horror I’m seeing!” bits; but I guess del Toro will provide some great visual, like he always does.

    I just hope it doesn’t end looking like a hellboy movie without a super-powered protagonist to kill all the monsters.


  4. Oh, well…Al bets are off, now. I don’t think it was a good idea in the first place to get the funding from Hollywood. I mean if you can’t get Angelina Jolie in a film is no good, innit? 😉


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