Lovecraftian Links

As promised, every Wednesday I’ll be writing about Lovecraftian websites.  (By the way, please email me at if you have any recommendations.)  And now, for your nameless horror, here are the links for this week:

Eschatology – An online journal of Lovecraftian and apocalyptic flash fiction. Their goal is to become the premier source for high quality fiction. Stories are published every Wednesday.

CthulhuWho1 – There’s enough HPL stuff here to keep you busy for a long time!  This blog is a companion to Will Hart’s Flickr Collections, and it also exists as an audio file sharing site for the Lovecraft related mp3 files that can’t be uploaded to Flickr.

W.H. Pugmire’s Youtube Channel – Quite simply, you must watch these videos.  This channel is devoted to the writings of H. P. LOVECRAFT and members of The Lovecraft Circle, plus new modern writers of the Mythos and Lovecraftian horror.  Additionally, you can visit W.H. Pugmire’s official website.

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft – Stuck in a boring meeting?  Pull up this link on your smart phone, and read Lovecraft to your heart’s content!

Hope you enjoy the links!

4 responses to “Lovecraftian Links

  1. Many thanks for this. You know, I have a kind of “take” on “The Outsider” that I am interested in writing, just to see if it’s anything of interest. It will be a wee thing that I may be able to write within ye next few days. If you are interested, I will let it see its first appearance here.
    yr obt Srvt


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