Mike’s Recommended Lovecraftian Reading: 1 Comic, 1 Magazine, 1 Book

As promised, every Friday I’ll be giving you my Lovecraftian reading recommendations!  Today, I have a comic, a magazine, and a full-length novel that I know you’ll enjoy: Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom, Strange Aeons, and Nightmare’s Disciple.  (Disclaimer: I’m not being paid for these reviews.  Also, I tend to review only fiction that I like, and that’s why you’ll mostly see positive reviews here.  If I don’t like it, I tend not to review it.)


From the very first snow-filled panel, complete with quote by Edgar Allan Poe, I knew I would love Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom — and I was not disappointed.  This comic is a great way to introduce your kid to the pleasures and concepts of Lovecraftian fiction, but don’t get me wrong: Adults will greatly enjoy it, too.

Here’s a synopsis of the story, from one of the creators: After visiting his father in Butler Sanitarium, young Howard Lovecraft ignores his father’s warning and uses the legendary Necronomicon to open a portal to a strange frozen world filled with horrifying creatures and grave danger!

Looking around online, it seems that most people, like me, liked this story.  There were very few exceptions; the small amount of criticism I saw seemed to boil down to: “Lovecraft wouldn’t have done it this way!”  Well, who cares?  Lovecraftian writers should not be mimicking Lovecraft, they should be building on his foundation in their own way, putting their own unique spin on his mythos.  And that’s just what has happened here.

Bottom line: I loved Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom, and I’m hoping for a sequel.  Rumor has it that if sales warrant it, there will be one, so please, head on over to Amazon and buy this comic.


Next up is the Lovecraftian magazine, Strange Aeons.  (No, I don’t see them as competitors — the more quality mythos fiction out there, the better!)  I ordered the first issue a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived in the mail quickly.  Always appreciated.  Anyway, Strange Aeons Issue #1 consists mostly of comics, plus a short story.

And what awesome comics: In the Court of the King in Yellow, Awakener, and The New Sister, just to name three.

I loved Awakener, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.  Guess I need to order issue #2.

I also enjoyed The New Sister, which was extremely disturbing, in a good way:

These are just a few of the stories in Strange Aeons issue #1.  Do yourself a favor and order a copy.  It’s only $6.99.


The stars are right… for murder!  A serial killer is terrorizing Schenectady, NY.  Detective Christopher James Stewart must follow the trail of mutilated bodies and solve the enigmatic clues before the murderer strikes again.  Here is a wealth of terror and exuberant scenes, a detailed Cthulhu Mythos, novel of the present day.  In it, H.P. Lovecraft is more prophet than anyone dares to dream.  (From the back cover)

Are you a mythos geek?  Then you’ll enjoy this book.  It’s a mythos murder mystery, and I enjoyed it for that, but I think my favorite scenes in the book are in the horror shop, with Cosmos and the Wizard.  Reading this book, I felt like I was there, hanging out with fellow Lovecraftians.

You can tell the author loves the mythos.  Thanks, Joseph Pulver Sr., for introducing me to these characters.

Click here to buy this book at Amazon.  More fiction recommendations next Friday!

4 responses to “Mike’s Recommended Lovecraftian Reading: 1 Comic, 1 Magazine, 1 Book

  1. Thanks so much for your review of Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom.
    You summed it up perfectly when you said:

    “This comic is a great way to introduce your kid to the pleasures and concepts of Lovecraftian fiction, but don’t get me wrong: Adults will greatly enjoy it, too.”

    I hope everyone takes your advice and checks out this very unique book!

    Bruce Brown


  2. I agree with your review of ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’. I read it several years ago and I remember that a few people didn’t like the book for the very reasons I did, I remember taking notes so that I could look up some of the references he made that I was not familiar with.


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