Exciting stuff!  Here’s what’s coming soon to The Lovecraft eZine:

Sherlock Holmes: Sometime in the next few months (not sure which issue yet, but I’ll keep you posted) I will have an issue devoted to Sherlock Holmes in the Lovecraftian universe.  Several great writers have already agreed to write a brand new story for that issue: William Meikle, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Bruce Durham, Bruce L. Priddy, and others.  If you want to submit a Sherlock Holmes mythos story, email me at .  I’m very excited about this upcoming issue.

The Town of Autumn: In addition to the four regular stories, in the next issue (April 2011) I will be adding a fifth.  This will be a serial story with a new chapter every month.  It’s a Lovecraftian story, of course, written by yours truly.  Here’s a synopsis: It is early October, and as the leaves change color, mysterious events are starting to happen in the quiet town of Autumn, Iowa.  The victims were women who seemed to have nothing in common.  Nothing, that is, except for the violent way they were killed, and the mysterious notes pinned to their bodies… Tom was the pastor of a local church — but when his wife died in a strange car accident two years ago, he found he could no longer believe in a God that would allow things like that to happen. Since then, he drinks too much, helps his friend Jeff at the pizza shop that he owns, and tries to stay out of life’s way.  Now, though, the sinister group killing young women in Autumn have targeted him, and Tom, along with his friends Jeff and Frank, may have no choice but to get involved.  Welcome to The Town of Autumn… where nothing is as it seems.

W.H. Pugmire’s “Wee Vignettes”: Each month, the great W.H. Pugmire has offered to write a very short Lovecraftian story for first publication in The Lovecraft eZine.  In his words: I am very interested in having this new series of wee Lovecraftian vignettes see their first publication in this great new source, the Lovecraft ezine… The magazine will also be publishing some few of my other Mythos tales, beginning next month. It comes to me, again & again, what a great time this is to be a Lovecraftian!!

Nameless Horror Drawings: Drawings every month will become a regular thing.  This month (March 2011), I will have three!  I will give away a Lovecraftian movie: A DVD of The Last Lovecraft, Dagon, or The Call of Cthulhu (whichever movie the winners prefer).  It’s easy to be entered into the three drawings.  Here’s how:

  • “Like” The Lovecraft eZine at Facebook (Yes, this is for all group members, not just new ones)
  • Sign up to receive email updates from this website (top right of this webpage)
  • If you have a website or blog, write a post about The Lovecraft eZine.  (If you do this, be sure to email me at so I can add you to the drawing.)

One winner will be randomly selected from each category on March 31, 2011.

Blog: The monthly issues are the heart of this website.  That said, with this blog I also will keep you updated on all things Lovecraftian.  My attempt to blog certain topics on certain days has failed miserably, mostly because of this, but that doesn’t mean I won’t blog regularly.  Blog topics will include but will not be limited to: Book recommendations, movie recommendations, Lovecraft news, Lovecraft audios, and Lovecraftian links.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please post them below.

I’m glad you’re here!
Mike Davis, editor

3 responses to “Coming Soon to THE LOVECRAFT EZINE…

  1. This is great, Mike. I’m glad to see Adrian have a story in issue 2, and it’s also great to see authors like John Prescott, William Meikle, and Simon Kurt Unsworth have stories in here. As a fan, these are all writers whose writing I enjoy, and so it’s great to see they have another place in which to showcase their work. Awesome job!


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