Thursday Lovecraft Links!

I’ve been unplugged for several days, reading.  Sometimes you just gotta do that.  I love being lost in a book, and right now I’m in the middle of Peter Straub’s new book, A Dark Matter.  Definite Lovecraftian themes.  Anyway, I’m back with some links to get you through your Thursday:

The Lovecraft Anthology Volume I, and Lovecraftian Bookplates – “The wonderful I.N.J. Culbard has designed an extremely special, limited edition foil-blocked bookplate for Lovecraft-reading SelfMadeHeroes… The observant among you may have noticed that the squid-like creature has nine legs, not eight. If any Lovecraftians among you would like to explain why in the comments, then we will send you a bookplate-shaped prize (the most creative, not the first, will win).”

More information on The Lovecraft Anthology Volume I – “a perfect introduction to the writer’s eldritch work, and an unspeakable delight for longtime fans…” — We’re going to do a giveaway on this book here at The Lovecraft eZine soon!

Watch the Finding Lovecraft: Life Is A Hideous Thing trailer – “Finding Lovecraft: Life is a Hideous Thing is a feature-length documentary fantasy, now in production in Providence, RI. We explore the life and unique style of horror writer HP Lovecraft, and illustrate his extraordinary legacy using an innovative mix of narrative and documentary storytelling. A Lovecraft-inspired story unfolds for the filmmakers as we delve into the life of this extraordinary character through archival research and expert interviews.”  (Thanks to Unfilmable for the link.)

Cthulhu Films tackles At the Mountains of Madness – “News broke recently that Cthulhu Films and Michele Botticelli, creators of the fan favorite A Lovecraft Dream (watch it here), will next tackle Lovecraft’s epic novella, At the Mountain’s of Madness!”  (Watch the trailer here!)

H.P. Lovecraft and Coffee – “Any respectable H.P. Lovecraft biography mentions the Providence author’s fondness for coffee. It’s very possible the caffeinated brew fueled his daemonic muse to satisfaction, or rattled HPL’s already deranged nightmares up another notch…”

The Octopus Chair: A Throne Fit For Cthulhu – “For us, the slithery tentacles and inky black leather would make it the perfect spot for curling up with an H.P. Lovecraft novel…”

Check out The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast’s awesome Lovecraftian sitcom pilot, The Ward!  View below:

5 responses to “Thursday Lovecraft Links!

  1. A good book sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the great links, Mike. I’m reading Jack Kilburn’s Afraid… definitely not Lovecraftian . Just got Dead But Dreaming from the great folks at Miskatonic River Press (Tom Lynch, President & Managing Editor is just a very nice guy.) . Not spamming but I can’t wait to begin this book.


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