Happy Birthday, W.H. Pugmire!

Everyone, please join me in wishing W.H. Pugmire a very Happy Birthday!  Comment below to give him your birthday wishes, if you like.  Wilum is a great writer and an even nicer guy.  And take some time to visit his website, while you’re at it:

sesqua.net: The official website of W.H. Pugmire

Have a great day, Wilum — you’re in our thoughts!

16 responses to “Happy Birthday, W.H. Pugmire!

  1. Many thanks to everyone. It has been a GREAT year of LUNATIC productivity. I’ll have four books out this year. What keeps me going? It you WONDERFUL Lovecraftians. I write because it gives me great pleasure, and I have to write because when I stop I get deeply depressed. It is my joy and my therapy. But a huge part of that eldritch joy comes from knowing that women and men who love HPL’s fiction find pleasure from my own scribblings. It is YOU who make it so worthwhile, and magnificent lads like Mike Davis who works so hard to give us this amazing free site! I love y’all to pieces!


  2. Many thanx to everyone for these b-day wishes. Jacob, it was GREAT collaborating on that story with you, we make a good team. Once things settle down, we’ll work on another story together. If Lois doesn’t take our tale for ARKHAM NIGHTMARES I think perhaps Jason Brock might like it for a rad new publication he is starting up. Keep writing, you have talent!


  3. Happy birthday. Long may the horror juices stiffen your pen into creative tumescence. Keep squirting eldritch wonders upon the page.


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