Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes Stories Coming In The June Issue!

The June issue of The Lovecraft eZine will include two Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes stories in the same vein as the Shadows Over Baker Street anthology, where Holmes “enters the nightmare world of H.P. Lovecraft”.  (By the way, if you have not read Shadows Over Baker Street, I highly recommend it.  It includes the Neil Gaiman story A Study in Emerald).

Our two Lovecraft/Sherlock Holmes stories are written by William Meikle and Bruce Durham:

The Call of the Dance, by William Meikle “It appears they woke something up with their racket,” Holmes said with a thin smile. “Something that has been asleep a long time. Here is what Boothroyd has to say in his journal.”  He read: “Tesla believes it to be a denizen of some other dimension, a creature so vast we can scarcely encompass its nature in our primitive brains. Normally it is dormant, merely drifting, somewhere not in or even out of our space, but somewhere between. Whatever it is, we have woken it. And it has taken note of us. God help me, it haunts my every dream. We have a theory as to how we might be able to placate this thing before it fully wakes, to send it back to its long sleep. But will we be given the time? At night I dance with it, there in the vast blackness. And, dear God, I find I have little will to resist. I would that I could be there now, lost in the dance…”

The Case of the Galloway Eidolon, by Bruce DurhamThough closed for the evening, the warm, deep shadows cast by the subdued lighting failed to disguise each victim’s grisly demise. Two had received severe chest wounds, their cotton shirts blood-soaked and torn from multiple swings of some bladed instrument. The third had suffered a more ghastly wound, a crushed cranium; the blow slicing bone and opening the forehead down to the mouth. His glazed eyes stared obscenely in opposite directions.  “Ever see anything like it, Holmes?” Lestrade asked…

Plus a “wee vignette” from W.H. Pugmire, chapter 2 of The Town of Autumn by yours truly, and more!

5 responses to “Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes Stories Coming In The June Issue!

  1. I’m looking forward to the Pugmire piece. I’m so glad to see him appearing regularly in your splendid publication. Thanks.


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