June Issue Tomorrow, Lovecraftian Links, etc…

First off — the answer to the question I keep getting emailed about is, the June issue of  The Lovecraft eZine will be out sometime tomorrow!  As you know, I will be featuring two Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes stories.  If you are a member of our Facebook group, you will get a preview of the cover later today (hint: Holmes!  HPL!).

Now, on to the links for today…

At the Mountains of Madness: An audio temporarily available at the BBC.  Might want to get on this one; it’s going to be gone in just a few days.  I’ve listened to a bit of it and it is excellent.  H.P. Lovecraft’s tale of terror read by Richard Coyle, set high in the Antarctic… (via Dampf’s Modeling Page)

H.P. Lovecraft meets M.C. Escher: Really neat picture, if you have not yet seen it.

Watch The Call of Cthulhu on Hulu: Even if you don’t subscribe to Hulu!  As Lovecraftians know, this is one of the best HPL movies ever made.  And speaking of the guys who made Call of Cthulhu…

A Talk With the Guys Who Filmed H.P. Lovecraft’s The Whisperer in Darkness: A great Q & A session with Director/co-writer Sean Branney, co-writer/actor Andrew Leman, and cinematographer/editor Dave Robertson.  (via Nyrhalahotep)

Notes On Adapting Lovecraft: From CartoonarchyFirst of all I want to establish why Lovecraft is so incredibly tempting to adapt.  Second I want to establish why it is so incredibly difficult to do something either good or true when adapting Lovecraft.  Third I wanna suggest some tools that might be useful for adapting Lovecraft.  It might be useful to try and define Lovecraft…

The Wet Nurse: NSFW and looking very Lovecraftian.  Sculpted by Thomas David and artwork by Danny Cruz. The collectors run included the Monster, 2 pregnant women and 1 horrified naked woman.

Last, check out the picture below from Konstanz, Germany.  Looks like they might worship Dagon here, eh?

Dagon Worship?

4 responses to “June Issue Tomorrow, Lovecraftian Links, etc…

  1. Holmes? Man, I was just talking with William Meikle about the copyright issues of that character (talk about timely).

    Innsmouth Free Press has issue 7 out. Fic by W.H. Pugmire, Don Webb and others. Do you mind mentioning it in a future update?


  2. Thanks for the Hulu link for “The Call of Cthulhu” movie. Boy, was i impressed with it! I love that it was done in the style of a 1920’s silent film, including the cinematography, lighting and special effects. It felt like it was made at the time the story was written. I can’t wait to see their adaptation of “The Whisperer in the Darkness.”


  3. Lol I’m one of the people who asked…

    I still have a bunch of back issues to read, so why am I complaining? I watched the HPLHS CoC movie a while back… please choose that one over the Tori Spelling version (Dagon 90210).

    Oh, and waych ‘FROM BEYOND’ ASAP if you haven’t seen that one. One of the best HPL adapts ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whisperers getting made now? Sweet!

    MEGA LIN BONUS – check out the animated version of The STatement of Randolph Carter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcLm_7Yip_E


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