Preview of Issue 6!

Here’s a preview to whet your appetite.  Issue 6 will be published at the end of the week!

Ushered On the Wind, by Jeffrey J. Taylor: They came on the wind.  That is my warning and my final testament to the world, a world I fear that I am not long for.  So many good men gone, and I, the last of them, could do nothing to save them.  I am headed south to find a man that my younger brother whispered of, someone that I think may help me.  I thought of him as a nut when I first heard of him – but that was before my world was pulled out from under my feet…

The Wagon’s Trail, by Joseph S. Pulver: Near two years gone by— lot of open sky with just our own….

The Audient Void, by Mark Lowell: She comes to the house tired and wet and lonely.   The sky is dark overhead and glitters with stars, and the sound of the crashing sea fills her ears.  She found the house by accident, when the beam of the lighthouse swept over it, just as she was considering sleeping on the rocks.  It is only a single story, built of faded and drooping wood, the sides leaning precariously like it is tired and wants to roll over and fall asleep.  The door is unlocked...

In Phantom Isolation, by W.H. Pugmire:  I gazed inward and saw naught but phantoms, apparitions that, churning, laced my soul with doom.  I did not mind that this was so, for I had wearied of clumsy humanity and its uncouth realm, wherein they danced in joyful delusion beneath an expiring sun.  I felt nothing but disdain for their mindless frolic as they chided my malcontent.  I felt kinship with my phantoms only…

The Weird Studies of Harley Warren, by Berin Kinsman: The author says, This is “The Statement of Randolph Carter” told from Harley Warren’s point of view. I’ve done my best to not only make it fit with that story, but to not contradict the other Randolph Carter stories.

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