Lovecraft eZine is Giving Away 3 Lovecraftian Books!

(UPDATE: Now we’re giving away FOUR books.  Click here after you read this post.)

Christmas comes early!  Silvia Moreno-Garcia, editor of Future Lovecraft, Brett J. Talley, author of That Which Should Not Be, and A.J. French, editor of The Shadow of the Unknown, have all agreed to give a free copy of their books to one lucky Lovecraft eZine reader!  Here’s how it will work:

This will be a random drawing, using a random number generator.  All you have to do to be entered into the contest is to be an email subscriber to Lovecraft eZine (top right corner of this webpage).  If you’re already a subscriber, you don’t need to do anything.

Next Wednesday, I will randomly select a winner for Future Lovecraft.

Next Thursday, one week from today, I will randomly select a winner for That Which Should Not Be.

Next Friday, 8 days from now, I will randomly select a winner for The Shadow of the Unknown.

Here’s the synopsis for each book:

FUTURE LOVECRAFT: Decades, centuries and even thousands of years in the future: The horrors inspired by Lovecraft do not know the limits of time…or space. Journey through this anthology of science fiction stories and poems inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Listen to the stars that whisper and drive a crew mad. Worship the Tloque Nahuaque as he overtakes Mexico City. Slip into the court of the King in Yellow. Walk through the streets of a very altered Venice. Stop to admire the beauty of the flesh-dolls in the window. Fly through space in the shape of a hungry, malicious comet. Swim in the drug-induced haze of a jellyfish. Struggle to survive in a Martian gulag whose landscape isn’t quite dead. But, most of all, fear the future. Featured authors include: Nick Mamatas, Ann K. Schwader, Don Webb, Paul Jessup, E. Catherine Tobler, A.C. Wise, and many more.

THAT WHICH SHOULD NOT BE: Winner of the 2011 JournalStone horror writing contest.  Miskatonic University has a long-whispered reputation of being strongly connected to all things occult and supernatural. From the faculty to the students, the fascination with other-worldly legends and objects runs rampant. So, when Carter Weston’s professor Dr. Thayerson asks him to search a nearby village for a book that is believed to control the inhuman forces that rule the Earth, Incendium Maleficarum, The Inferno of the Witch, the student doesn’t hesitate to begin the quest.  Weston’s journey takes an unexpected turn, however, when he ventures into a tavern in the small town of Anchorhead. Rather than passing the evening as a solitary patron, Weston joins four men who regale him with stories of their personal experiences with forces both preternatural and damned. Two stories hit close to home as they tie the tellers directly to Weston’s current mission.

THE SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN: Madness and the Mythos, the Surreal and the Sinister. Editor A.J. French has collected 29 tales of horror inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and the element of the unknown in supernatural fiction. Featuring stories by Gary A. Braunbeck, Gene O’Neill, Michael Bailey, Glynn Barrass, P.S. Gifford, Lee Clark Zumpe, James S. Dorr, Geoffrey H. Goodwin, Erik T. Johnson, R.B. Payne, and Ran Cartwright. Warning: Once you open the pages of this book, you willingly unleash a whirlwind of delirium and insanity that will creep into your mind. Think your sanity can withstand the assault…? — “A diverse cross-section of contemporary horror by established writers and exciting newcomers. Fans of Lovecraft, Ligotti, Campbell and other masters of the genre will find much to appreciate in this well-rounded anthology.” — Jeffrey Thomas, author of PUNKTOWN — “Anyone who tries to breathe new life into the Elder Gods takes an unspeakable risk. But these authors succeed in bringing the darkness home… where it belongs.” — Gary Fry, author of ABOLISHER OF ROSES

(UPDATE: Now we’re giving away FOUR books.  Click here after you read this post.)

16 responses to “Lovecraft eZine is Giving Away 3 Lovecraftian Books!

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  3. Cool! I have “That Which Should Not Be”, so you can re-draw when I win that one, but I’ll take the other two. I’ll just scratch them off my want list right now.


  4. Ooh, that’s a nice set of prizes 🙂

    Granted, I’m a little biased, having a story in “Future Lovecraft”, but from what I’ve read of the other two books all the winners are going to be in for a great time.


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