Author Bruce Durham sent me the following email:

…I’m not sure if you know about the annual Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. It has numerous categories that Lovecraft eZine could easily qualify for. Each category requires fan votes, so it’s up to the readers do their part.  I was fortunate enough to place first in the short SF&F category in 2005 and 2006.  Happy New Year.

So guys, if you enjoy this magazine, please go vote.  Below are some direct links in categories that I believe Lovecraft eZine would qualify for.  On most voting pages, you have to scroll halfway down the page to view (or add) the voting choices.

Fiction Magazine/e-zines page

Magazine/e-zine Editors page

Horror Short Stories

Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork page

I appreciate it!  By the way, check out my recent interview with Innsmouth Free Press, if you haven’t seen it already.


P.S. The Crane Horror, from the first issue of the Lovecraft eZine, has been nominated for Best Short Horror Story.

20 responses to “Please Vote for LOVECRAFT EZINE

  1. All 4 votes are in! Go team Lovecraft eZine! Sorry – A co-worker had her cube done up in Twilight….. Yes – the madnesss spreads


  2. I was pleased to vote for you in the four categories you listed. Here’s to some recognition of your contribution to the field of Lovecraftian art and fiction.


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